July 2006 Here is my entry for MGC Clan Ishimura Take 2. Is is fully coroled and ready to go. Her kimono is pail green with pink sakura blossom branches on the sleeves and bottom. It is trimed in yellow. It was modefide for her elbow spires and she had the shoulders opend to show her blue coloring. Her feet are adorned with the clasic japaness sandl. Modefide for her feet. Aisu is a rarity in her clan. Her name means Ice Flower. She is almost pure white with ice blue eyes. Making it easy for her to ware any color but white. She has a odd ice blue pattern going down her whole body. Her wings are dobbled on the same wing arm. Making her a most exception sky dancer.


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Jerry 10 Feb 2007

Chearming picture and soft colors!

Lawrence Hickman 10 Feb 2007

great job brilliantly composed