Neon Blue Cat Head

I did this in two hours. An my hand is yelling at me for it. 24 and already have arthrites. It sucks to be me :(. This picture was inspired by: teran80 .I was looking at it and thought. I could do that. So I did. Hope you all like it. It is also my new avatar for now.

Coast $20 for a 11" x 14" Strathmore pad $25 for Prismacolor pencils $6 for Colorific Metallic colored pencils $30 for Pentel Color Pens fine point

Your hand cramping so bad it looks like a deformed claw


Humer me


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Lacy Chenault 05 Jan 2007

very nice work cute!

Jerry 04 Jan 2007

Very delightful or charming picture!

Emily Reed 04 Jan 2007

What an adorable kitty!