Baby in Christening Gown

This is a commissioned drawing made for a client out here. This is her nephew. I hope to deliver it this week. I'm open to taking commissions if you've got a drawing you would like made up. Let me know my prices are very reasonable! Just email me from here! 14"x20" done on paper and mix of pencils SOLD


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Christine brand 25 Mar 2008

amazing how yu can switch form the bold lines of your abstracts to the sensitive dtails in a childs face. awesome work.

Mark Saxton 12 Jul 2007

I LOVE the negative space here. Fantastic.

Lisa Savoy 30 Apr 2007

OOh so cute, I'm sure they are going to love it.

Suzan Tisdale 27 Jan 2007

absoulutely amazine!! Right down the the tiny details in the socks...You make me ashamed of my own work!! Keep up the awesome work Jay!!!

gregg dutcher 05 Jan 2007

Absolutely adorable,....great detail work Jay!!! I'll consider your offer and keep you in mind in the future.

Carliss Mora 04 Jan 2007

Jay, I love the hair and everything about this piece!

helen tyralik 03 Jan 2007

like the detail , well done

Loredana 03 Jan 2007


Artist Reply: Thank you very much for the comment! Happy new year to you too!

Penny Myers 03 Jan 2007

wow, what awesome pencil work. The outfit is outstanding.

Thomas Broadfoot 03 Jan 2007

Marvelous work in this... great work

Anneke Hut 03 Jan 2007

The folds in the dress are stunning! Gorgeous face, very well drawn by you.

Jerry 03 Jan 2007

Fantastic or great portrait and line work!

thea walstra 03 Jan 2007

Outstanding, adorable and awesome work

Lisa Prentiss 03 Jan 2007

beautiful shading

mary respecki 03 Jan 2007

oh. how i just want to hold this baby. you do excellent work. keep up the good work.

bianca 03 Jan 2007

ABSOLUTELY out of this world art...AWSOME

Valarie Connell 03 Jan 2007

This is absolutely gorgous!!! The detail and composition is breathtaking! I love this, keep up the beautiful work!

Lawrence Hickman 03 Jan 2007

intresting and very good awsome work

Leah Jaarveth 03 Jan 2007

really wonderful work :)

Cheri Stewart 03 Jan 2007

very nice details

Jean M. Laffitau 03 Jan 2007

Beautiful work and well done Jay!