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Currently on view at the office of my husband Fred.

Here is a smaller size collage than I use to work on, such as my awarded collage the Piano©
I think that the key shapes go perfectly with the curves of the letters and post stamps.

I used different kind of paper (with KEYS, SHEET MUSIC & POST STAMPS as subject), a Dutch newspaper with text about money, ("My money" and "Who is paying?") acrylic paint in earth and gold tones, and fragments of GOLD LEAF.

To enhance richness to this collage I used GOLD LEAF, an elegant accent decoration that you can use on almost anything.

Gold leaf -an extremely thin (and expensive!) foil made of gold- has been used for thousands of years in the decorative technique of gilding.
Something to which gold leaf has been applied may be described as gilt or gilded.
Byzantine and Renaissance
both included the art of gold leaf.

-------------Here's how it works -------------
It is hard to work with! Each leaf is bound into a small book from which I lifted it carefully with a long gilder's knife and laid on freezer paper.
The leaves will stick to anything they touch, making it very tricky to transfer them.
I picked the leaves up with a broad brush - called a gilder's tip- and carefully positioned them on the prepared panel.
I allowed them to overlap slightly. (I like the grid like pattern that is created.)
The gold, though small is important, and gives it the extra oomph!
Therefore the title is d'ORO©, which means GOLD!

Medium: acrylic paint & gold leaf, Dutch newspaper, paper, white gesso.
Dimensions: 12"x24" (30x60 cm) on Gallery wrapped canvas, sides painted/no frame.

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Copyright Olga van Dijk 2006© Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Slobodan Kalupcic 07 Mar 2008

Great work ............ Boban.

Tamara Blecker 06 Feb 2008

Nice collage! I like your use of space and color.

Tatyana Shurtz 09 Sep 2007

OMG.. How come I didn't know your art before? This is awesome! I wish I could do collages..

Jantina Tuthill 14 Aug 2007

Ik vind deze toch een van de mooisten . Misschien omdat het een stukje nederland is.

John Fish 22 Jul 2007

This is wonderful. I like the texture and earth tone colors. The key shapes go perfectly with the curves of the letters.