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My kitty inspired me to paint this. Big Mac the Attack Cat would sit in the window as I painted. His pride and profile lent itself to make this appear. He always thought of himself as being larger than he actually was in real life. All transparent watercolor and inks. All right reserved by the artist. SOLD


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Joanie Holliday 05 Mar 2017


Tameisha Harrington 02 Aug 2015


Artist Reply: Thank you. My pleasure to put a smile on your face.
Artist Reply: Thank you!

ruth sears 19 Dec 2011

wow this is just amazing!!!

Anonymous Guest 18 Aug 2009

Very nice work, your entire portfolio is impressive. Terry

Mark Barnett 13 Jul 2009

Very nice !!!

Anonymous Guest 24 Jan 2009

These are all beautifully done. I can't just pick one as my favorite. they are all so good. You are most talented!\.....Don

Cathie Brock 04 Feb 2007

Wonderful and exciting work Sarah...Cath xxx

roger griffin 06 Jan 2007

Awesome, I love tigers and kittens who think they are tigers

Jenn Downey 11 Nov 2006

Gorgeous cat!!!! well done!

Emily Reed 02 Nov 2006

A lovely creative painting!

John Graham Inkson 26 Oct 2006

Beautiful handling of the watercolor meduim

bianca 25 Oct 2006

FANTASTIC thats all i can say wow

Brigitte Hintner 25 Oct 2006

Hi Sarah, I absolutely agree with John E. , this is such an outstanding watercolour I 've seldom seen here at AW it in every way !!!! Bravo !!!

John Enright 25 Oct 2006

sarah, it is quite rare that I comment on artists work here at artwanted, but his work is quite outstanding. I have spent a few years painting in watercolor, so I appreciate your dexterity and control over such a fragile medium. I am certain that a few other watercolorists at this site will agree with me.

Olga van Dijk 25 Oct 2006

This is a smashing watercolor... what a talen!

Terry Bassett 21 Oct 2006

A simply wonderful watercolour.. Excellent painting Sarah! :-)

katy fillingham 21 Oct 2006

Stunning work

William Brock 21 Oct 2006

What a great tiger painting, wonderful work Sarah...Cath xxx

eileen martin 21 Oct 2006

this is so beautiful, i love your watercolor style:)

Lynnda Rakos 20 Oct 2006



Great painting, luscious art, I love tigers.

Jo Dawkins 20 Oct 2006

Nice Tiger! Jo Dawkins

joan warburton 20 Oct 2006

Beautiful painting!

Jeane Nevarez 20 Oct 2006

Wonderful watercolor and a very expressive tiger. I especially like how he fades into the ferns at the bottom of the picture.

kiddolucas lee 20 Oct 2006


Anonymous Guest 20 Oct 2006

Great work I espeically Like the sunny lighting, Its well captured and easily felt/experienced. The cat expression and movement is spot on, such a nice peice.

helen tyralik 20 Oct 2006

Good Work

Jacqueline Bishop 20 Oct 2006

beautiful work

Christine brand 20 Oct 2006

this is one of the most elegant tigers i have ever seen...most beautifully done and so real...your cat knows himself well...and you have found your inner the tigers...God bless you for this one...what a wonderful tribute to faith in ones true self. we all have the tiger that burns within. so strangely alluring and wonderously formed but so deadly...a paradox.

Loredana 19 Oct 2006


Jerry 19 Oct 2006

Superb watercolor painting!

debbie collier 19 Oct 2006

Beautifully done!!

Martha Miller 19 Oct 2006

Beautiful watercolor...... Excellent.

cynthia berridge 19 Oct 2006

fantastic water colour art work

Nuria Bertran 19 Oct 2006

Fantastic work!

Laura Smith 19 Oct 2006

Beautiful WC work Sarah... this is magnificent. Love the use of light.