Silent Sounds of an Angel

And...more works in memory of Dov Ronen,who was the conductor of the RAMAT - GAN YOUTH BAND,for 36 years. May he rest in peace. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush


Anonymous Guest

Vernonette Gaddy 04 Feb 2015

Brilliant pictorial and artistic remembrance.

John Cappello 07 Jun 2012

Absolutely Lovely,the vivacity (even though it's a Memorial )and Brightness! Very Nice, Delightful, composition , Nira

LouAnn Knight 05 Oct 2006

Such a memorial. So beautifully done!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Oct 2006

Nira'le. It's a beautifull, exciting and creative work. Orna

geoff cooper 05 Oct 2006

nice work Nira.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 04 Oct 2006

An interesting collage Nira!

carlos martins 04 Oct 2006

very creative

Mary Ashton 03 Oct 2006

Beautifully done again Nira, you are a treasure! Mary

Olga van Dijk 03 Oct 2006


Tabitha Borges 02 Oct 2006

yes these are wonderful... you capture his spirit so well.. great...

thea walstra 01 Oct 2006

Wonderful and very sweet work Nira. A great tribute!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 01 Oct 2006

Another collection of Beautiful artwork,my Friend!!! What a treasure for his wife to have!!!

Loredana 01 Oct 2006


Reba McDonald 01 Oct 2006

Beautiful work Nira.

Artist Reply: thanks SO MUCH,Reba for your wonderful comments.Good night to you,SLEEP WELL,I hope all is fine with you,Nira

Thom Roslan 01 Oct 2006

Fantastic tribute.....Niri! Both pieces are 10+......Aramando & you do beautiful collaboration.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 01 Oct 2006

Fantastic composition, Nira, and Wonderful text! I love particularly the 2nd: that sky!...

Laurie Brookes 01 Oct 2006

All are lovely tributes, Nira. He must have been a wonderful teacher and person to have inspired such love after all these many years!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Oct 2006

Another awesome artworks.Very impressive collaboration with Armando.It is like the music in heaven.I love all of these fantastic ,heavenly tributes to such great personality.

bianca 01 Oct 2006

Nira my friend......your poetry is beautiful and u are one talented person....not only with poetry but with art

Patty Day 01 Oct 2006

Wonderful just wonderful, Nira!!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much ,Patty.and thanks to everyone in this link.Here Yom - Kipur enters...and so i wish all of you "SHANA - TOVA " & GMAR HA'TIMA TOVA" From Israel...

Linda Bertiaux 01 Oct 2006

Great composition. Excellent work!!

Emily Reed 01 Oct 2006

This is so beautifully done, and a wonderful tribute, Nira.

Jerry 01 Oct 2006

Brilliant works and formats!