In Memory of a Conductor

Inside the guest - book of a special Reunion in memory of Dov Ronen...the conductor of the Ramat - Gan youth Band,i wrote :" A letter to Dov Ronen (Written on Notes paper ,that i sticked with double side glue) The sounds were already become silent...In my HEART,Forever i will remember you ,Dov...those beautiful years of my youth.In those years ,like many other youth, I played in the Ramat - Gan Youth Band. - A source of PROUD,from then until today. 24 years had gone by...Alot of times since i finished my role,in the band as a Clarinet player,i found myself reflecting in this period,like missing it........... ...Those experiences,that we had together in those General reversals /reversion...Shows in Israel,and outside of Israel,in Europe and USA...Forever are part of who I am today. Your image,Dov,is engraved/carved in my heart,as a charismatic person,full with WILL to get out of us the BEST,A group of we were...:-) With a look into the past,i understand much POWERFUL was your CREATION With us and for us...and I'm full with appreciation. I see in YOU, educational figure first class, central pillar/focus of Music in Ramat - ATMOSPHERE Creator in the center of Ramat - those days...After i finished my playing in the Band...the longing for playing music,had led me to play a symphony on a paper,or a fabric...with paints and colours..that were like notes... And to your wife ,Adina...your daughters and grandchildren...I know that today you're looking at them with PROUD,From somewhere... ...perhaps in the sky of HEAVEN.. Proud to be graduate of the Ramat - Gan Youth Band,Nira Dabush."..................Copyrights Myself.

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Karen Helsing 29 Jun 2012

Great creation!

Anonymous Guest 28 Feb 2011


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geoff cooper 05 Oct 2006

nice pictures, great tribute Nira.

Vivian Allen 04 Oct 2006

A beautiful and loving tribute you've created for Dov. Your collaboration with Armando's is a wonderful combination.