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I like to play with my art work. This one you can hang vertically as well as horizontally! So I signed it twice.
The longer you look, the more you see... The first one also has a look of a guitar, don't you think so?

The violin is sometimes informally called a fiddle, regardless of the kind of music being played with it.
The word "violin" is Italian and the word "fiddle" is English.
Various clichés describe the difference:
"The violin sings, the fiddle dances," or "A fiddle is a violin with attitude," or "No one cries when they spill beer on a fiddle."

As might be expected from the differences between classical and folk music, violinists tend to be formally trained and fiddlers tend to be informally trained, although crossing over is not uncommon.
(With thanks to Wikipedia)

Abstract watercolor on cold press heavy weight paper 140 LB (330 g/m2)
Measurement 18"X24" (45.7X 61 CM)
DARK BLUE Matting, simple BLACK frame.

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2006
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©2006


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Donna Buckalew-wagner 27 Oct 2011

Really nice...Wow!

Kasey Cole 03 Feb 2007


luci reader 15 Jan 2007

this is cool!

benita Röll 21 Dec 2006

great composition and colors. Love this!

Margaret Maclean 18 Dec 2006

I do like this, I think all your musical pictures are vibrant and alive. Very very nice

Eddie Adams 10 Nov 2006

This is great. I'm big into fiddles, reminds me of my grandpa.

Carla Klosowski 10 Oct 2006

I love these images from you! They are just stunning in color and design!! :D

Kathy Albright 10 Oct 2006

Beautiful use of colors. Great composition. Love it.

STAN SWENSON 09 Oct 2006

wonderful imaginiation and wc technique

Anonymous Guest (IP: 09 Oct 2006

Outstanding are so talented..hope some rubs off on us at th Academy..jk

Aline Pottier 09 Oct 2006

The style Kandisky! Very great colours Olga!

Jim Perkins 06 Oct 2006

Great Comp and i also the color.

John Graham Inkson 05 Oct 2006

Work very well, skillful

Nancy Mattei 02 Oct 2006

Fabulous work, Olga. This is the art my husband loves!! Wow, you are so talented!

Rita de Falussy 01 Oct 2006

Great piece Olga, nice continuation of your series! Love those beautiful colors!

Jill Kettles 30 Sep 2006

very cool...reminds me of Picasso's cubic movement. The distortedness of the fiddle is almost musical.

Rebecca Mullan 30 Sep 2006

FANTASTIC work Olga!!! Love the compostion and color. Also love the energy of it. Spectacular work !!!!

Angel Estevez 30 Sep 2006

Wonderful artwork and beautiful artistic concept. Great talent ! Congratulations !

Tanya Ray 29 Sep 2006

I like this one very much!!! Great bold colors with a very nice composition!

Claude J Morrissette 29 Sep 2006

Nice work and such great colors !!! Congrats

Maurizio Miele 28 Sep 2006

Great work ! Maurizio Miele

Daniel Caraballo 28 Sep 2006

Awsome composition!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 28 Sep 2006

Beautiful creative art,Stunning!!!:)

Artist Reply: Thank you sooooo much, Dee! I just learned that 2 of my artworks are accepted to be juried for their Annual Regional Fine Arts Exhibition. I'm so honored/proud!! xxxOlga

NVJasmin Rodriguez Garcia 28 Sep 2006

lovely work and colors. thank you for stoping at my page,I do love my little puerto rico.thank you Nelly.

Charlene Richards 28 Sep 2006

Great composition and color!

Sherrie Thai 28 Sep 2006

so lively! Nice work.

Meghan Henley 28 Sep 2006

Fantastic colors and freedom in this piece!

Bernard Capelle 28 Sep 2006

Olga, this artwork is very attractive and splendid to look at.

michelle meijs 28 Sep 2006

very beautiful abstract.. you deserve it:)

Vivian Gutierrez 28 Sep 2006

Beautiful, love the colors!!!

Carlos Ramsey 27 Sep 2006

different! I like the white lines it give the painting a spacial quality that adds interest and demension. vey Nice.

gregg dutcher 27 Sep 2006

Very nice!!!!! ,...I really likke your use of white as an outlining of the colors!!!!!

Bev Chudey 27 Sep 2006

Beautiful Olga

Gabriele Swanson 27 Sep 2006

How beautiful Olga.

jessica torrant 27 Sep 2006

The movement of the color plays like music for the eyes.

tazda lawson 27 Sep 2006

Love the stylilzed rendering of this piece .......colorful and beautiful.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Sep 2006

ooh I like that even better. Janet

Ben Kiger 27 Sep 2006

love the style and design, colorful and beautiful.

Renata Cavanaugh 27 Sep 2006

Outstanding work

Cathie Brock 27 Sep 2006

Yes very musical, love this piece, wonderful vibrant colours too...Cath xxx

Bluemoonshadow 27 Sep 2006

Another master piece, Olga... This series is so very nice..:-)

Leroy Drumm 27 Sep 2006

Wonderful abstract Olga! 10++

Galini Dimitriadou 27 Sep 2006

Great artwork! Love the bright colours! Congratulaions!!

Martin Aas 27 Sep 2006

Wow Olga, this is a great artwork! Looks good with the black frame! A top ten for sure!

Blue Doll 27 Sep 2006

very beautyfull composition Olga....PRACHTIGE kleuren heb je gebruikt.... schitterend!!!!!

Marie Strydom 26 Sep 2006

Brillaint composition and use of colour. What a thrilling view. Sure glad I get the oppertunaty to view your exquisite art.

Hassan Pasha 26 Sep 2006

awesome colors ... just awesome .. the blue is way too cool ... wish i could hang it in my room

Artist Reply: You can buy it!! ha ha ha ha! I like it to.... I send it in for a juried thingy for local artists of Maryland, Delaware and Philadelphia! Thanks for your comment Hassan and have a peaceful day!

david porfirio 26 Sep 2006

do I see some cubism in this ? Olga a little Picassoish. Great work on this. I love it !!!!

Mary Janosik 26 Sep 2006

This really sings and dances!! LOVE IT!! :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Sep 2006

Looks like you had some fun reworking this piece. I think the yellow corners are very important to the overall color of the image. Am I allowed to prefer the first version? :)

Arlene Ehleben 26 Sep 2006

Beautiful work, Olga!!!

Sylvia Jackovitch-Kallay 26 Sep 2006

I canb feel the music. Beautiful Olga.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 26 Sep 2006

Splendid work again, Olga! Excellent colours and composition!

Ginger Lovellette 26 Sep 2006

Marvelous work! I like it that it can be hung either way!

Lucia Stewart 26 Sep 2006

OLGA - these are fantastic, so inspiring, brilliant girl!!!

Zoe Faragher 26 Sep 2006

Fantastic work Olga, extremely creative and I absolutely love the colours you have used

terry waites 26 Sep 2006

wonderful imaginative piece of work

dianna tilley 26 Sep 2006

This is Awesome! I will show my husband he loves art work that combines music instruments.

Lawrence Hickman 26 Sep 2006

impressive and colorfully magical, with rythum and a beat great job

Loredana 26 Sep 2006


Nira Dabush 26 Sep 2006

Simply BEAUTIFUL ,Olga...and yes it works both sides...I can hear the sound of music inside...

Cher Peterson 26 Sep 2006

Another nice addition to your series. Again, love the brilliant colors and sylization.

Patty Day 26 Sep 2006

Beautifully done!!! I love the colors, Olga!!!

Brigitte Hintner 26 Sep 2006

Just delightful Olga , it makes me smile and I can hear the beautiful sound of a fiddle !!! Love this image so much ! :)

Emily Reed 26 Sep 2006

Just so fantastic, Olga! This series is incredibly cool!

cynthia berridge 26 Sep 2006

lovely art work

Emilio Bello 26 Sep 2006

colors look great!

Anne Vis 26 Sep 2006

Great design and colors, Olga!

Terry Bassett 26 Sep 2006

It's a delightful composition and I love the colours!...:-)

Joke Schotting 26 Sep 2006

Perfect work love it my friend!!!!

Jacqueline Bishop 26 Sep 2006

another beautifl peice!

thea walstra 26 Sep 2006

Playful and awesome art. Love it a lot Olga

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Sep 2006

Ook je violins zijn heel mooi ! Verder zal je een galerie moeten zoeken om e.e.a. aan de man te brengen ! Maar alle bewondering. V.l.&gr. Moeders en Dad

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 26 Sep 2006