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New Moon

This is a work in progress. After several experiments with Photo Impressions (not an advanced program by any means) I decided to combine what I had learned after a couple of hours and actually attempt to create something. I used my phone camera to take a photo of a rock I bought recently. The rock has a very planet-like appearance and that's why I bought it. It's called akaman in Japanese and is similar to jasper. I touched up the photo of the rock a bit - colouring, cloning and painting over parts that reflected light from my window and room (you can still see parts that need more work). Then I cut out the sphere and pasted on my photo of Uluru, which you can find in the rocks sub-gallery. I had to trim the rock a bit and then clone parts of Uluru and paint the cloned parts over the bottom of the rock in order to make it look like there was a moon or planet coming up from behind. Otherwise it looked like a round rock with the bottom cut off pasted on a photo of Uluru. Then I altered the colour of Uluru a little to try to do something different, and finally I played around with the sky by painting parts of it. I wanted a more realistic atmospheric effect like some people can do with more advanced programs but so far that doesn't seem possible. I tried to create a cloud over the planet/moon but the effect is weak and unsatisfactory. I will try to play around some more. For now, this is as far as I have come. Expect to see more photos of my planet rock later.

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Anonymous Guest

mark jorgenson 30 Jan 2008

very cool!

Artist Reply: Thanks. I was really just goofing around. I don't have the software to make anything really spectacular and if I could do it with what I have I still don't know how. I was just playing. I appreciate the compliment nonetheless.

Jacqueline Bishop 05 Sep 2006

wonderful work!

Armando Salas 25 Jun 2006

First of all, Thank you for your kind comments on my artwork, my friend. This is an amazing image. Creative, different...a talented artist behind this.

Kathryn Arruda 24 Jun 2006

Very creative & interesting composition here,Peter, love the sphere! I have a small collection of polished spherical rocks-quartz, jasper, carnelian, etc--so I can appreciate your akaman...yes, it does look planet-like!

Artist Reply: Ah, I have a sister rock lover out there, eh? Yes, I want to buy more and eventually create my own solar system. Thanks for the comment.

epsylon lyrae 22 Jun 2006

Strange but beautifull :D