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Flowers of the Field©

The title is a variation on
"Lilies of the Field"

[Matthew · Chapter 6.28]

I wrote the Latin text in the red diagonal beam.
I love all the colors of this painting, which seem to fire up this painting.

Medium: Acrylics on canvas panel
Dimensions: 16'x20'(40.6x50.8 cm)in a walnut gold rimmed frame.

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2006
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©2006


Anonymous Guest

Henry David Potwin 28 Apr 2018

olga dear, i am finally back from the dark side of the moon and after 25 years of your kind words i finally get to say hello and to enjoy yr work. i picked this piece because the color and design caught my eye, and lo and behold it is i am getting settled and soon will set up a studio. you have no idea how much your comments helped to raise my spirits during the dark times. , d

Elizabeth Janus 06 May 2010

Just Love this !!!

Artist Reply: Oh how nice of you to comment on this one: it's one of my older works!!

Maureen Bloesch 19 Dec 2009


jimmy guan 13 Nov 2009

This is a beautiful and effective style Olga! I love it

Maggi Carstairs 24 Oct 2009

Wonderful work

Michael Forbus 13 Oct 2007

Excellent work on this piece Olga. This was done before I got here but I am so glad I found it. Great work. Michael

Suzana Dancks 03 Feb 2007


jamie winter 28 Jan 2007

Just wonderful, fantastic. jamie

Rob Keller 02 Dec 2006

Wonderful!!! Rob

tania tanev 02 Nov 2006

very elegant I love this

M H 29 Oct 2006

What strikes me the most when I first look at this painting are the circles. It seems to add texture, and bring out the rest of the painting ..especially the tulips. So nice and balance..Wonderful!!!

Barbara Beck-Azar 20 Oct 2006

very unique abstract realism. nicely balanced with plenty of interest and bright colors. it does radiate with the verse you are painting about.

Kathy Albright 10 Oct 2006

Very imaginative. Nice work.

John Sandora 09 Oct 2006

Your colors are always so nice. John

Jacqueline Bishop 24 Sep 2006

Beautiful painting Olga

Lilly Antoneavic 10 Sep 2006

STUNNING WORK, LOVE IT... Jugs from Lilly and cats.

Vivian Gutierrez 06 Sep 2006

beautiful work!!

David Mors 02 Sep 2006

I love this!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Sep 2006

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Aline Pottier

Maria Aminta Henrich Nonone 01 Sep 2006

A very interesting piece! Thanks you for your commnets!!!!

billi kortz 30 Aug 2006


Maurizio Miele 24 Aug 2006

Great work ! Maurizio Miele

mc williams 14 Aug 2006


Carrie Barden 09 Aug 2006

You capture the tulip's essence very well within your style painting. I like.

Ben Kiger 08 Aug 2006

wow, wow, wow, great.

aya charity alforque alfeche 04 Aug 2006

olga, this is awesome, love the orange and red here also your idea is perfect..well done..aya

bianca thomas 31 Jul 2006

fantastic work....

Angel Estevez 31 Jul 2006

Beautiful shapes and colors. Excellent design. Congratulations !

Helene deroubaix 30 Jul 2006

oh wow this is beautiful I adore the flowers and colors! Blessed be!

Tia Antoniades 26 Jul 2006

What a great piece!

jessica torrant 21 Jul 2006

Very intriguing piece Olga. Well done!

Carla Silva 21 Jul 2006

Beautiful work. EXCELLENT.

Nira Dabush 20 Jul 2006


ERIKA SONEGO 13 Jul 2006

this work is very beautiful!!!

Ric Strange 12 Jul 2006

interesting composistion and handling

chris 11 Jul 2006

love this one

Christy LaRoy 11 Jul 2006

What a cool and creative piece of work.....I love the colors, amazing job.

Charles Thomas 10 Jul 2006

I like the colors

Jose Calvillo 10 Jul 2006

Very moving Olga ...

Michelle Jacobcik 10 Jul 2006

Olga, I love the colors of your flowers. I can feel the energy and warmth of your painting. Michelle

Leif Kristian Freed 09 Jul 2006

Beautiful work Olga. Love the colors

Sara Deutsch 07 Jul 2006

Love your unique style...a striking piece...

Eva Britt 07 Jul 2006

Wow! Fantasic artwork Olga!!!!! So beautiful composition and I love the colors

Robert, R. Ferguson 07 Jul 2006

Olg, wonder use of color, line and shadow detail. Much admiration, Bob.

cynthia berridge 06 Jul 2006

awesome art work

Lynn De Serres 06 Jul 2006

This artwork is so attractive. Congratulations on creating such wonder.

Jennifer Johnson 05 Jul 2006

Beautiful colors and great sense of value. Nice job.

kamal chugh 05 Jul 2006

Excellent and extremely creative work.

KC CHANG 05 Jul 2006

Great work!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Jul 2006

Great work!

Elton Houck 04 Jul 2006

a flaming delight

Jim Perkins 01 Jul 2006

Great Color !!!

Loredana 01 Jul 2006


Artist Reply: thanks for the great review, Loredana! Very much appreciated!

Fred Chuang 01 Jul 2006

very nice, the composition and the impression of gold!

Artist Reply: Thank you, I appreciate your kind comment, Fred. I just started to do some still life's as well (see my picture AUBERGINES), which I really enjoyed doing! Have a great weekend!

Arlene Ehleben 01 Jul 2006

Awesome work,Olga. I really like your color combinations.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your comments Arlene!

Cherie Sullivan 26 Jun 2006

Wonderful colours, love the gold highlights

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Cherie! I love your Flower oils! They're really awesome!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Jun 2006

The lucky one who bought this beutiful painting from you, Olga!

Artist Reply: I know him! Believe it or not, but he changed his whole interior after he bought this painting (and an other of mine!) Made me really proud to make somebody that happy!

Sue Williams 11 Jun 2006

Beautiful memorable image. A masterpiece!

Artist Reply: Thanks Sue for this great comment!

Claudia Huefner 09 Jun 2006

very good composition of color and form!

Artist Reply: Thank you for your kind reply, Claudia!

Ginger Lovellette 08 Jun 2006

Splendid work!

Artist Reply: Ginger, congratualtions on your # 2 TOP 10 #3 with - God's Early Materials! Well deserved!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 07 Jun 2006

Wonderful work Olga. I love your paintings. Perhaps we'll see more of them soon. Brilliant!

Artist Reply: Oh yes, you will Rusty. I've only to upgrade my portfolio!

Joanne Harvey 06 Jun 2006

This is excellent Olga...I love it!

Artist Reply: Joanne, congratulations on your #3 ArtWatch Fantasy/Mythical Digital Painting this week!

Analua 06 Jun 2006

Simply marvelous great work!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Jun 2006

beautiful work momma. love, fleur

Artist Reply: Thank you hon, you're my inspiration!

Peter Cooper 05 Jun 2006

This... is just plain brilliant

Artist Reply: Thanks Peter. I've a very close Romanian friend as well! I love your work and your website!

Jerie kunitsky 15 May 2006

Olga, you are incredible. I love all your works that I have seen. You are so very creative...a true Artist.

Artist Reply: Thank you Jerie! That means a lot to me, since you're the winner of the Art of Growing First Prize Award in the Delaware Center for Creative Arts!

thea walstra 01 May 2006

Beautiful warm colors. Love the composition. Awesome work Olga.

Artist Reply: Dank je wel Thea!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 May 2006

Great work, vibrant and warm colours, great tulips and composition. An impressive talent! Germaine

Artist Reply: Je bent een geweldige vriendin die me steeds weer aanmoedigt om verder te gaan! Dank je, Germaine! Liefs=>Olga

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 29 Apr 2006

Excellent composition, I like it.

Artist Reply: I love your website Emilio!

Rob Slijkhuis 29 Apr 2006

Great work!

Artist Reply: Congratulations on your ALL TIME ArtWatch Favorites, Rob! Ik vind je digital work geweldig!

Chris Williams 28 Apr 2006

great detail love it

Artist Reply: Congratulations with your #3 ArtWatch Photography, Chris. I loved it too!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Apr 2006

Beautiful combination of colours. I love the tulips. Go on with painting! José

Artist Reply: Hey dank je wel. Dat was lief van je om te reageren! Ja, ik ben volop bezig hoor! Ga nu met water colors experimenteren. Zie je gauw in Nederland!

Emily Reed 28 Apr 2006

I just love seeing this painting on ArtWanted. I am so happy you have joined. It is a wonderful place full of talented and supportive people. Your work is great!!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks for your wonderful support Emily! See you "en Plein Air!"

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Apr 2006

Hey Olga :) , It's a beautifull painting! I like it verry much. Lisa.

Artist Reply: Merci Lisa dear! Dat was lief van je om te reageren! Liefs van Olga!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Apr 2006

this picture is very powerful, the colour are gorgeous, it is a very lovely composition

Artist Reply: Merci beaucoup! C'etait tres gentil de toi! Big bisou e je t'embrasse! Luv=>MOI

Mark Adams 28 Apr 2006

Fascinating work. Love it!

Artist Reply: I love your "EYE" work as well Mark!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 28 Apr 2006

beautiful and elegant painting!! love the warm colours! Glad to see your work, Olga!

Renee Corvin 28 Apr 2006

nicely done!

Artist Reply: Renee, Congratulations with your #9 - Koi Fish- TOP 10 placement for fine art! What an accomplishment!