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Welcome to the artist group SUPPORT BY DONATING With all the money spent on the high cost elections in the USA and of the Iraq War --(which could surpass $1 trillion: 12 zero's)-- I'd like you to think of all the people in need we could have supported with this money... ART IS A POWERFUL TOOL TO HELP hopes and dreams come true. Hopes and dreams of the less privileged. Art can benefit the world by supporting worthy causes. Your charitable donation can benefit those who need our help the most. You can donate art and support many missions you stand for. You can use your art by making the public aware of the cause you stand for, so they'll donate to your favorite foundation. Art donations help support communities in many ways such as medical research, providing disaster relief, sheltering the homeless, or just your local favorite support group. Please let us know the non-profit charitable organization(s) --meeting the needs of those in crisis-- YOU support through donating art work, by including the website the ArWanted visitors and artists can donate their art/ money too. *Love, Light & Peace, OLGA VAN DIJK* (PS: Art/financial donations also entitle you to Tax Deduction.)

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