Men, Please Be Thankful

This painting was done for the festival dedicated to James Brown that will be hold in Augusta, Georgia. It's inspired by the song "It's a Man, Man, Man's World"


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Emily Reed 13 May 2006

This is just so inspirational, Christiane. Wonderful work!

John Enright 06 May 2006

a compelling and compassionate painting worth praise. Best of all things Christiane

hosanna lowe 29 Apr 2006

amen & amen! :)

jessica torrant 27 Apr 2006

Deeply heartfelt painting - very well done.

Maddison Jamison 27 Apr 2006

Bravo! What depth and emotional ourpouring to those wo forget what being a woman is truly about. It's not the extra things we do. It IS what we do. This is a wonderful portrayal of all the facets and cultures of a woman's life.

Jessica Morgan 26 Apr 2006

Along side your outstanding talent and expressiveness in this painting, you tell truths most want to ignore. This is both very, very, sad to me, but at the same time liberating. Well done, I hope to view more of your works as they come along.

Barbara Beck-Azar 26 Apr 2006

moving piece.. may it bring to light the many things unsaid, and told by women... a tribute to sisters, mothers, aunts and all! i agree with marcel!

Marcel LorAnge 26 Apr 2006

Christiane, it's wonderful to see you posting again. This piece is quite deep, it expresses something most people know but would rather not be reminded of. I think you are a very brave woman and this is a truely expressive painting indeed. The likes of which I haven't seen many of. I'm not surprised though, coming from you. I've known you personnally for a few years and I know about your integrity. Bravo! You are a true artist and I am honored to call you my friend. Lke Chris said before me this tells a story and may I add -- honestly! Behind every great man often there is an even greater woman. Amy's comment that this speaks volumes is so true also. Stay strong my friend!

Chris Williams 26 Apr 2006

tells a story and makes a point makes you think as great pictures are suposed to do well done

Amy Batten 25 Apr 2006

This piece speaks volumes!