:3 A commission I just finished for Kaioto. Her wings are actually white but I wanted more color on the wings so I created a lot of red shadows. XP Make them look a bit pink.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Chico Decker 13 Dec 2006

very beautiful.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Apr 2006

Where can I get that dress!?! So totally awesome. Great everything!

Jerry 02 Apr 2006

Very lovely or charming art work!

Genea Euwing 30 Mar 2006

This is such great work. i like the detailing in her hair and ribbons! excellent!

Sarina Renee 30 Mar 2006

The red looks good with the rest of her coloring but it does make the wings look pink. Still very pretty. I like the ribbon. Nice touch. And the butterflies on her dress are another nice detail. She's beautiful.