phoenix and the apples

Sort of a strange drawing, I put the apples in to ballance his tail. In the end I sort of like it, I can see phoenixes being fruit eating birds and using fire for self defence. This is one of the few times I have actually drawn a bird and one of the few times I have ever painted completely on the computer like one would on a canvas. Done with Open Canvas then in photoshop. It was commissioned by Alexander Gonzales.

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Anonymous Guest

Mona van der Veen 24 Jun 2008

Great color

Doug Kearse 30 May 2006

Great work, love the detail and the color.

Linda Bertiaux 15 Mar 2006

This is excellent!!! Love the colors. So rich looking.

K L Marsala 14 Mar 2006

really great use of strong passionate colors

Kenzie Pedersen 14 Mar 2006

amazing work! keep it up!