Funky Colorful Wine Decanter Set 5 Pc.

Here's a matching 5 piece Colorful Wine Decanter set, and it consists of a stained glass painted wine decanter, and 4 matching wine glasses to go with it. This set features truly stunning, jaw-dropping gem like colors in jewel tones that have a beautiful translucency to them. The decanter itself, has a very graceful & elegant shape, bulbous at the bottom, and narrowing in the center toward the top which is slightly flared. It measures approx. 10.5"Hx4.5"W and the opening at the top is approx. 2". The 4 wine glasses are the standard size of a regular wine glass; (approx. 6.5"Hx3"W) each. The decanter can actually also be used as a decorative flower bud vase if the owner so desires. Diane G. Casey


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Tahnja Wolter 24 Jul 2006

Catches your eye right away, stunning work

Linda Bertiaux 12 Mar 2006

excellent job!!!

Jerry 12 Mar 2006

Great colored glass work!

andi luzi 12 Mar 2006

fantastic work!!!