Resurrection of the Holy Ghost

Trane was the Father, Sanders was the Son, and Albert Ayler was the Holy Ghost...very spiritual and powerful, Trane said Ayler was one a whole other level...oil and charcoal on burlap, 37.5" x 48"

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Francisco Capelo 24 Sep 2007

Remembers me Francis Bacon. What a fantastic painting !

Jerrie Glasper 20 Dec 2006

Listen! and you will hear the spirit speak. This pied piper played and the others danced. HE played. THEY danced. Thanks for explaining, Ron, oh voice crying in the wilderness!!!! (smile)

David Holcombe 17 Sep 2006

There's something of Francis Bacon in this one. And that's a compliment.

Cindy Lambert 07 Sep 2006

Very powerful - I love this one too!

Kukua Akumanyi 17 Apr 2006

Wow it is always a treat and an education. stunning ( I will find some other words to add to your work) love it!