Tuesdays at Cammie's

This was painted on my plein air trip to Cammie's farm in S. Chester County..(Cammie is a member of our plein air group) The springhouse...the corner of which you can see on the right...was built with the rest of the farm buildings around 1700. It is said that George Washington once slept in the main house.


Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 26 Jul 2015

Awesome Great presentation

Anne Whiteway 12 Jul 2014

Amazing with so many gorgeous details. The title is interesting too. Love your work Jerie.

Joan Wulff 26 Sep 2011

Beautiful plein air!

Anneke Hut 15 Aug 2011

What a joy to look at this bright picture! How lovely you have painted all these flowers and bricks. It's so wonderful, Jerie!

Lorna Skeie 15 Aug 2011

Inviting and beautiful. Makes you want to explore further!

Sigridur Bachmann 30 Jul 2011

Wow ! Outstanding work very well done, great balance ! Beautiful light,shadow and colors ! Divine work !

Olga Naletova 26 Mar 2011

I love this one!

Basant Soni 19 Jan 2011

Marvelous art..work..

Ginger Lovellette 16 May 2010

I'm just so in awe of your talent!

lillianhibiscus 26 Feb 2010

Beautiful painting Jerie.

Teresa Dominici 22 Feb 2010

Jerie, this is a lovely painting.

kathryn semolic 10 Feb 2008

Masterful. I can feel the air.

Delia Pacheco 16 Dec 2007

love the lighting and colors...

Julia Lesnichy 06 Nov 2007

I love this one too a lot.. it's so peaceful and delicate

indarto budi 26 Oct 2007

Great artwork!

Jeanie Chadwick 30 Aug 2007

I like your way with acrylics. Light and fresh.

Phil Cashdollar 17 Jun 2007

great work of art Jerie I love it

Joanna Jungjohann 19 Feb 2007

I have browsed your portfolio, and I am so amazed at the beauty you display in your art, totally fascinated I am, splendid artist you are.

Jerrie Glasper 31 Jan 2007

Your ability to find beauty in simplicity is a goal that I aspire to achieve. Thanks for sharing your art with me.

Joanne Harvey 08 Jan 2007

Jerie....You have a special unique way of gathering colors together...to make A BEAUTIFUL DAY on canvas! Your whole port is just amaizing!

Ben Kiger 20 Nov 2006



this is breath taking! great work jerie

Olga Zverlina 27 Oct 2006

Delightful drawing!

Anonymous Guest 26 Oct 2006

I once saw this place, and your painting is just beautiful. Cammie must love it.

Nancy Mattei 12 Oct 2006

Another superb painting, Jerie!!! Your talent is amazing.

Jacqueline Bishop 19 Sep 2006

your works are outstanding

Charlotte Ottilo 15 Sep 2006

How enchanting... You have painted this in a way that makes me want to be there... wonderful Jerie!

Deborah Martin 03 Sep 2006

Very very delightful work.......beautiful....

Leo Da 01 Sep 2006

Such a beautiful painting, Jerie!

Hassan Pasha 24 Aug 2006

Cammie suire lives at a very beautiful palce .. .this is beyond awesome ... the place is way cool ... and the painting is breathtaking

mc williams 14 Aug 2006

wonderful. it reminds me of a great place id like to go when i get a vacation

Izabella Pavlushko 10 Aug 2006

I love nature and I 'm admired with your work

Gary Glass 19 Jul 2006

beautiful work, you have a wonderful talent

Ben DeBiase 21 May 2006

wow! that is simply fantastic! wonderful vibes here! great colors and arrangement...a beautiful spring day in full bloom!

gregg dutcher 18 May 2006

Wow,...what a unique style you have Jerie,...looks so fibrant and alive!!!

William Boyer 05 May 2006

great job on all your art.

Peter Rivron 02 May 2006

Very beautiful work, you have a lovely style.

Lucia Stewart 20 Apr 2006

This is wonderful work, amazing details and such a confident style!

bianca thomas 16 Apr 2006

I noticed Jerry that u have extra ordinary eye selecting colours and mixing them togerher...awsome art and talent....keep up good job!:) happy easter to you and yours....

Lawrence Hickman 13 Apr 2006

intresting and well defined

Steve Keith 08 Apr 2006

wonderful work Jerie

Analua 07 Apr 2006

Absolutely marvelous work Jerie!!!

Armando Salas 07 Apr 2006

Total mastery in this. Romantic. Peaceful. Perfect.

Loredana 06 Apr 2006

Awesome Artwork Jeri i love this composition :)

Jimmy Adams 22 Mar 2006

Amazing work Jeri.

Rob ijbema 15 Mar 2006

what a wonderfull scene, excellent variations in the greens!

Yuri Lev 12 Mar 2006

If one were to judge solely by your art, you live in an idyllic situation. Your work projects beauty, peace and prosperity. Your work should be selling like hot cakes.

Greg Vilton 06 Mar 2006

What a charming scenery! It is very beautifully painted, Jerie!

Elton Houck 22 Feb 2006

Beautiful Jerie!

Billy Lewis 22 Feb 2006

wow this is so beautiful. 10++++++++++++

Nira Dabush 22 Feb 2006

What a pictorial painting...so splendid...love the atmosphere.

v blair 22 Feb 2006

Wonderfully beautiful!

Terry Harris 21 Feb 2006

What a charming garden! Lots of character and color! Truly lovely!

Hanna Stawska 20 Feb 2006

Excellnt, wonderful, fantastic, MASTERPIECE!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 20 Feb 2006

Gorgeous painting ,a Masterpiece of Fine Art!Your Stunning Artwork belongs in the finest of Art Galleries!

louis s. bryant 20 Feb 2006

excellent jerie good job !!

Tia Antoniades 20 Feb 2006

Very peaceful... reminds me of a secret garden.

tazda lawson 19 Feb 2006

MMmmnnn nice floarals....this painting is truly great.

francis kwok peng kin 19 Feb 2006

Beautiful landscape work, you are a master of this wonderful medium!

Jerry 19 Feb 2006

Sophisticated, charming, beautiful or exquiste!

Sergio Saurio 19 Feb 2006

I love this most wonderful Painting. It shows Beauty and Peace. Cheers, Sergio.

Sara Deutsch 19 Feb 2006

Exquisite work!

Aris Stathakis 19 Feb 2006

awesome, fantastic work Jerie!

Cristina Marsi 19 Feb 2006

Very beautiful, great depth :)

Renata Cavanaugh 19 Feb 2006

Delightful and so beautifully painted Jerie

Joke Schotting 19 Feb 2006

Very beautiful work,Jerrie!!!!

fred leonard 19 Feb 2006

Beautiful work! I love the light and shadow. Superb!

Ana Tirolese 19 Feb 2006

How lovely. What a beautiful scene!

Peter Leahy 19 Feb 2006

wonderul artwork!!!

Patty Day 19 Feb 2006

Wow!!! very lovely artwork, Jerie!! Awesome job again!!!!

thea walstra 19 Feb 2006

Gorgeous and outstanding work Jerie. I love every detail of this oen.

Linda Bertiaux 19 Feb 2006

excellent work.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 19 Feb 2006

this looks so lovely and beautiful!! there is a warm atmosphere in this painting! BRILLIANT!!!

Carliss Mora 19 Feb 2006

Jerie, there's a feeling of wealth, warmth, and security, here. Great!

Anonymous Guest 19 Feb 2006

Very very beautiful - as good as it gets.

Reba McDonald 18 Feb 2006

Beautifully done Jerie.

Debbie Gray 18 Feb 2006

Beautiful work Jerie! I would love to live in a place like this! :0)