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Loredana's Cockatoo


8 x 10 - 70lb acid free Strathmore art paper - December 2005

The ref pic was from Loredana. I really liked it and asked her permission to draw her cockatoo.

I found all the white in the cockatoo a real challenge. I am still not happy with it, but I am afraid I will mess it up if I work it any more. I am going to let it sit for a few days before spraying it with fixative, just in case.


Anonymous Guest

Mark Saxton 17 Apr 2008

superb black and white too.

annette steens 04 Jan 2008

love your birds drawings Ana!

adrian pickett 16 Jul 2006

this is the best pencil work

Roshanda Burtscher 12 Feb 2006

This is beautiful!

Patty Day 02 Feb 2006

Marvellous job, Ana!!!

jessica torrant 02 Feb 2006

This is really impressive work, Ana!! Masterfully done!

Herman Serrano 02 Feb 2006

That is magnificent, Ana, a wonderful rendering!

Marcel LorAnge 29 Jan 2006

Wow, you did a fantastic job on this drawing Ana, materfull artwork indeed.

Analua 26 Jan 2006

You did a marvelous work here!!!!

Terry Bullard 24 Jan 2006

so very well done, I thought it was a photo at first. Great job on the reflective bowl....and all

Lili Holuta 23 Jan 2006

oh, what an incredible artwork! so soft and ..perfect!

Christine brand 21 Jan 2006

I am in love with this one!! I really thought this was a photo!! Incredibly real and lovable work!!!

Charmaine Bartlett 20 Jan 2006

Hello Ana....You have truly captured a life like image here. Very realistic...Incredible pencil work! Beautifully done!!!

Tabitha Borges 20 Jan 2006

what a great photo real pencil piece nice artwork...:)

monique cooper 19 Jan 2006

wow!!!.. you are incredibly talented!!!!!.. Just Amazing!!!!!!!!

Jerie kunitsky 17 Jan 2006

THis is magnificant...beyond even that...

v blair 16 Jan 2006

Oh my goodness!This is fabulous work!I thought this was a photograph...but it goes beyond that...Excellent !!!!!

Valerie Davis 13 Jan 2006

the paper some time makes all the difference in the world

stephanie atlee 13 Jan 2006

wow...great pencil work...nicely done

marc doutherd 10 Jan 2006

Absolutelly!!!!!!The BoMb! Wonderful Work! You Rock!

denise wilson 10 Jan 2006

this is fantastic. down to the reflection on the steel bowl. just awesome work here!

Trish Ellis 09 Jan 2006

As far as I can tell...absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Very nicely done!! Excellent!

francis kwok peng kin 08 Jan 2006

Excellent rendering and beautiful tone!

Cristina Marsi 04 Jan 2006

Pencil? Cant be! I was sure it was a b/w photo! Excellent job :)))

Renata Cavanaugh 03 Jan 2006


Lisa Hill 03 Jan 2006

wow, i thought this was a photo, I was actually going to comment on the sharp contrast..hehe, your amazing!!!! LIsa x

Christina Langman 03 Jan 2006

Gorgeous pencil work - crisp and detailed. Great job!

jennifer blenkinsopp 02 Jan 2006

This is amazing Ana, I thought it a photo when I went to your portfolio loredana must be thrilled to see it.

Tia Antoniades 01 Jan 2006

Wow Ana! It's fantastic!!!

Elizabeth Teed 01 Jan 2006

nice work, Ana

Kathi Perry 31 Dec 2005

Ana this is beautifully done. Wonderful pencil work.

Nancy Woolweber 31 Dec 2005

I remember this little guy. You've done a fantastic job.

Steve Keith 30 Dec 2005

this is top pencil work ana...congrats....10+++

Cathie Brock 30 Dec 2005

This is great Ana, so realistic...All the best Cath

Nancy Costley 30 Dec 2005

I must say a lot of work went into this!

Emily Reed 30 Dec 2005

Exquisite artwork!

James McDowell 30 Dec 2005

Ana, your skill keeps amazing me. This piece is so realistic. You have a true gift and I am glad that you are using it. You should be very proud of this.

Elton Houck 30 Dec 2005

Fantastic shot...great black and white.

K L Marsala 30 Dec 2005

wonderful, wonderful work! this was hard, but you did it so very well

geri pratt 30 Dec 2005

Oh Ana, I think it's perfect! Spray it!

Loredana 30 Dec 2005

Ana you are so good this is just like the photo awesome artwork its perfect :)

Reba McDonald 30 Dec 2005

Excellent work Ana.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 30 Dec 2005

This is really great and one can almost hear what this cockatoo might say (sqawk) about the contents of the food bowl. You have an amazing talent with pencil...

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 30 Dec 2005

gorgeous and beautiful work!!! EXCELLENT! and white is so difficult!!!

corry stuart 30 Dec 2005

Bravo!!!!!! excellent work Ana realy realy good. You should be proud of it..... As artists we always see the error in our own work but I don;t see any in yours so stop while you are ahead. LOL

Crystal Basta 30 Dec 2005

10 thumbs up (if I had that many LOL) Spray it Ana!! Before the black smudges on the gorgious white feathers!!

Greg Joens 30 Dec 2005

Look at you draw!... go Ana

Joke Schotting 30 Dec 2005

Gorgeous,great pencil work!!!!!

Linda Mason 30 Dec 2005

Looks as though your cockatoo is about to drink from the chalice of Life. I love this shot.

PMyers 30 Dec 2005

Your hands must be magic. This is perfect and I admire you. Wow!!!!

Jennifer Hewitt 30 Dec 2005

this is gorgeous, very lovely drawing

thea walstra 30 Dec 2005

Brilliant pencil work Ana

Jean M. Laffitau 30 Dec 2005

Awesome Ana!! This looks like a b&w shot, such an excellent drawing!! Fantastic!

Jude 30 Dec 2005

Beautiful bird nice work