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Earth And Sky Aloft

Variable Lithography print. Printed in 1999. During that time I started a series of different wings. There are more than one type of feather represented. The actual print has more space around it, and is framed on a floated mat.


Anonymous Guest

Rachel Reichert 8 days ago

Amazing color palette

Mike Finley 16 Dec 2007

beautiful - and nice to see the older skills haven't been completely replaced by computers just yet!

Jeanie Chadwick 10 Oct 2007

outstanding work Nancy...I love feathers too...not just eggs.

Christine brand 09 Sep 2006


Cindy Lambert 09 Sep 2006

Wow, I really like this a lot! Beautiful work, Nancy!

Nicole Hilger 12 Jul 2006

Awesome color choices! it's really an eye catcher. I really really like this wing that you've made! It isn't perfectly white, but it's something perfectly different and versatile!

Chas Sinklier 26 Jan 2006

Wow Nancy! Cool bird (wing) great color study - I believe I may have seen the whole bird once - That's a weekend I'll never forget...

Richard Santos 20 Jan 2006

This is simply beautiful! Wonderful detail, technique, fluidity and color. Most impressive...

Scott Wessel 08 Dec 2005

I keep referring back to Forrest Gump. The feather floats and one never knows where it will end up landing. We are all like that feather. For a picture to evoke that much thought it has to be good. keep creating art. We all need to let everyone see what we have inside. Good work!

K L Marsala 02 Dec 2005

this is such unusual work. i really like the use of various inks or is it acrylics? the texture of the feathers is well represented. has an american indian flavor. well done.

George Wallis 02 Dec 2005

awesome job, from design to color to detail

Manuela Facchin Varalda 02 Dec 2005

Very original and interesting. Excellent Nancy!

Francis Wenderlich 30 Nov 2005

I love this image , very well done

tim linville 27 Nov 2005

Outstanding style!Very nicely done:)

Ben DeBiase 20 Nov 2005

amazing and beautiful, I love all the different feathers in this! really cool!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 20 Nov 2005


Sara Deutsch 18 Nov 2005

Beautiful winged work, Nancy...

William Boyer 18 Nov 2005

great job.

John Enright 17 Nov 2005

I like this one. good work nancy.

Leroy Drumm 17 Nov 2005

This could be the wing of the Thunder bird, or Phoenix!! great job Nancy!!

Swayam Prakash Shrestha 17 Nov 2005

I feel, It's a painting of mixed feather. Nice sketch ......nancy.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 15 Nov 2005

I prefer the style - feathering details - to almost anything else you do - it is really quite impressive and should be elaborated on somehow.... it reminds me of the Lewis and Clark expediition Indian illustrations - certainly as good as better than their illustrations - maybe there's some subject material - western or indian topics... lovely picture...

Leah Jaarveth 15 Nov 2005

Wow this is great work Nancy...really wonderful talent :)

Terry Bassett 15 Nov 2005

Unusual and interesting subject... nice sense of movement from the well defined lines.. good choice of background tone sets off the colours very well.. nice one Nancy.. :-)

fred leonard 15 Nov 2005

This has a fantastic native american feel to my eye, very beautiful!

William J. Griffith 15 Nov 2005

Really cool work, I like your style and the way the piece makes you stop and think.

stephanie atlee 14 Nov 2005

very cool work on this...nicely done

jessica torrant 14 Nov 2005

Gorgeous work, Nancy - love the free expressive marks and bold color. 10+++!!!

Norma Nava 14 Nov 2005


John Larkin 14 Nov 2005

Very nice and yet somewhat disturbing at the same time....

AL 14 Nov 2005

great color and detail.

monique cooper 14 Nov 2005

Truely Excellent details!!!!.. love the earthy colors too!!!.. Great work!

Andree Lerat 14 Nov 2005

Beautiful work.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 14 Nov 2005

Fantastic work,Nancy! Wonderful done!

Loredana 14 Nov 2005

Very beautiful and a great idea Nancey Love this work :)

Paul Brennan 14 Nov 2005

Beautiful !

Anna Lo Bello 14 Nov 2005

Beautiful realization!

Sergio Saurio 14 Nov 2005

Ola: This is wonderful Nancy. Most beautiful and different Work. Parabéns, Sergio.

Analua 13 Nov 2005

Amazing concept work Nancy!!!

Loreen Smith 13 Nov 2005

Wonderful detail and colors! Awesome job!

thea walstra 13 Nov 2005

Awesome work Nancy

Jay Eng 13 Nov 2005

Interesting. Very nice work.

Emily Reed 13 Nov 2005