Oracle of Rust

"Oracle of Rust" is an odd little creature - she is an Alien of sorts, which foresees the coming of decay. She has come to remind us that everything must come to an end and that all we know for certain is that decay waits patiently for that end to come.


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Matthew Kukosky 13 Jan 2006

great style and Technique and as far as great movies all three Evil Dead series, dose it for me

Vera Harned 12 Nov 2005

Beautiful work

Andree Lerat 07 Nov 2005

Interesting composition. Nice technique.

Jean M. Laffitau 07 Nov 2005

Very good work Tanya!!

sylvia etie 06 Nov 2005

great work

tim linville 06 Nov 2005

Excellent ,well thought work!Very different outlook:)Don't worry...I seem to be collecting alot of those movies too!I can draw all day,to Dawn of the Dead:)Mucho detail,for sixteen hours,Tanya!Great job!

Artist Reply: I am happy you like it, Tim! I am rather fond of this image -- it is one of my favorites (which is a rarity for me!!!). I LOVE those types of movies, and I own Dawn of the Dead, too! The take on zombies running and screaming gives me the chills (something I loved about 28 Days Later, too), and the movie is quite entertaining. Keep on artin'! I need to catch up on your gallery now. :)