"StItChEs" is a strange being...she is an Undead, stitched together to keep from falling apart. She dissolves into a background of flesh and stitches, because that is the mere sum of what she is made of. This piece is the other side of immortality...many people find the idea desirable and beautiful...but, would you really want to live forever?

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MIke Calderon 04 Feb 2006

Love the stories behind the work!

stephanie atlee 13 Jan 2006

This is very very cool...i love it

Renata Cavanaugh 27 Nov 2005

Awesome work

tim linville 18 Nov 2005

A sad concept to contemplate.Heavy theme,Tanya!Most excellent scars,and missing parts of 'herself'.I'm pretty tired already...forever would feel like staying up for three days,all the time:)Great new one!

Leah Jaarveth 15 Nov 2005

Absolutely awesome work Tanya!