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911 Radio Description

MEDIUM/GROUND: 2' x 4' Acrylic & oil pastels on paper covered wood board

DESCRIPTION: At the time of the tragic events in New York, the artist was without television. This painting was done from the descriptions of the voices on the radio alone; It was begun that very morning and presents an image based solely on vocal reference. It was quite some time later that the artist was able to see actual images of the effects of 9-11. This painting marked the artists deeper explorations into the bond between forms of media communication and the visual arts. *Also see this paintings companion, "Crossroad Warning".

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Anonymous Guest

K L Marsala 08 Nov 2005

tree, this takes my breath away and into deep thought. your work is so unique and yes art is your muse... i understand the muses and their drive to create. very well done.

Maggi Carstairs 21 Oct 2005

Stunning creation....great work

gregory gallo 23 Aug 2005

wow! maximum frequency! outstanding piece tree.

Sara Deutsch 14 Aug 2005

Powerful work, Tree! I especially love the zoomed in version below. Intense energy cataclysmic eneregy and density in the textures...yet there is light!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 14 Aug 2005

Wonderful work. Fantastic composition!