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Crossroad Warning

MEDIUM/GROUND:Acrylic & conte` crayon on primed paper mounted on reclaimed wood board

SIZE: about 16" x 20"

DESCRIPTION:Just straight up -- this was a dream vision I had before 9-11. Try as I might to make the two tall buildings different, they insisted upon reflecting each other. At the time I could only explain the painting as "a crossroad". The creature in the front represents our primitive self. It, the past, is screaming in warning at our present. We had crossed the road, headed for danger, but had yet to go too far; Those were the thoughts that came with this image. I had no idea what it could mean at the time I painted the thing. This still sort of freaks me out. What could any one have done to stop the events of September Eleventh? Please inquire to purchase original painting at this time. Look for companion painting, "Radio Description".

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Anonymous Guest

Maggi Carstairs 21 Oct 2005

AWesome image....great work and love the symbolic representations.. Awesome

Sara Deutsch 19 Aug 2005

Striking and powerful work, Tree! You are not afraid to take on the shadow!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 14 Aug 2005

Beautiful composition, Tree!

Loredana 13 Aug 2005

Geeeeee tree i nearly got a fright LOL very well done :)

stephanie atlee 13 Aug 2005

powerful image and great use of shapes and symbolism...nice