Mixed charcoal, graphite & colored pencil 9x12 stathmore #300 bristol


Anonymous Guest

Carliss Mora 28 Aug 2006

Excellent, Luke! Very, very much so!

Cindy Lambert 24 Aug 2006

Such spirit and wisdom in this old salt. I can look into his face and almost hear the stories of the sea. You have rendered this portrait beautifully.

Kathryn Arruda 25 Feb 2006

A most handsome portrait! It has great character, expert rendering-

Kirsten Talmage 12 Feb 2006

The complex of colors in his skin is wonderful.

Jessica Morgan 02 Feb 2006

I have just come across your portfolio and would like to say how very much I love your work. Your detail is just outstanding, and I am very inspired. This portrait in particular is my very favorite of all. Absolutely wonderful work!!

Artist Reply: After a period of time, may I thank you for your comments...I also watch your work and thrill to your imagination

Ana Tirolese 20 Dec 2005

Gorgeous work!

Jennifer Lee 27 Aug 2005

Fantastic work with the lines and aging of the skin. It really speaks volumes about the character.

Katerina Koukiotis 12 Aug 2005

wow-incredible detail!!

eileen martin 12 Aug 2005

fascinating work, such soulful eyes, very well done:)

Mike Beckett 10 Aug 2005

wonderful! full of character!

louis s. bryant 10 Aug 2005

one word WOW very nice

sher richardson 10 Aug 2005

a wonderful character... i love the mixture of mediums and the talent you share... nice job : )

Laurie Brookes 10 Aug 2005

A wonderfully aged and wizened face, but the eyes still hint at the young man he once was. Beautiful work, Luke!

Diana Hume 09 Aug 2005

Very weathered looking face! Great job!

Christine Walkowicz 09 Aug 2005

wonderful work

Nancy Woolweber 09 Aug 2005

Nice job.

Reba McDonald 09 Aug 2005

Excellent work Luke.

teresa greene 09 Aug 2005

Excellent very detailed and expressive

Lawrence Hickman 09 Aug 2005

beautifully done great job.......

michelle olson 09 Aug 2005

such character! great job!

Joke Schotting 09 Aug 2005

Great work,Luke!!

Aurelie Corre 09 Aug 2005

Amazing face !

thea walstra 09 Aug 2005

Outstanding work

Patty Day 09 Aug 2005

What a wonderful picture, great job!!!

monique cooper 09 Aug 2005

Awesome!!!.. you have really captured a "knowing" in his eyes and life expirence on his face!!!.. Fantastic Work!!!:)