Five Foot-Two

Portfolio piece. Entered as a Pinup painting entry for Aphrodisia contest........and it got it the book! Look for me in the coming publication!


Anonymous Guest

Mark Saxton 26 May 2008

very nice style. great lighting techniques.

George Wallis 13 Jul 2007

excellent color light detail and attitude, very playful congrats on getting published

Bailey Hopper 07 May 2007

Congratulations on Aphrodisia!! This is so cuuute!!

Babis Kiliaris 19 Sep 2006

wonderful work!!!

Jerry 26 Jan 2006

Cute lady, nice lighting and pleasent colors.

John Enright 19 Jan 2006

this is waaaayyy cute. well done tegan.

Johnny Hendren 18 Jan 2006

Great work Love the lighting.

Aurelie Corre 08 Sep 2005

I love it !! I would buy it if I could !

alex 23 Aug 2005

i really like this composition..,,some of your edges could use a bit more blurring,,but over all you got 95 score from me.

Chris Hoffman 21 Aug 2005

Excellent coloring,she is nice!

Peter Leahy 21 Aug 2005

fabulous work!!

misty fuson 20 May 2005

that's hotsy totsy! I think I have those shoes.

Steve Hughes 05 May 2005

Love the pink and green together!!

Amanda Hodgson 27 Apr 2005

wow, tallented

Leah Jaarveth 26 Apr 2005

wonderful work

Alejandro Lopez 25 Apr 2005

wow very nice..did she pose for you :)

Kukua Akumanyi 24 Apr 2005

Wow this is fantastic, I love the whole pin-up style... very #@&y. hope you won!

Steven Torrisi 23 Apr 2005

Reminds me of one those Vega Cigar pin up girls, very demure but tempting. Great attention to the shadows on the stocking and garter

Lili Holuta 23 Apr 2005

Great technique. Love the colours and the theme..

Dennis Chow 22 Apr 2005


czar 242 21 Apr 2005

Charming! Nice Job! Good Luck in the contest!

Rob Slijkhuis 21 Apr 2005

Great Oil painting!

Anonymous Guest 21 Apr 2005

very good sense of lighting

Christina Toews 21 Apr 2005

I like your use of light - how it is shining on her face and chest. Well done. Congrats on your top ten today! :)

Mark Peterson 20 Apr 2005

Excellent artwork...fantastic lighting. Nice Tegan.

h morgan 20 Apr 2005

Such great strokes. How did you do in the contest?

Sarina Renee 20 Apr 2005

So have you gotten the results back? Did you win? This is fantastic. Very dramatic lighting. Warm on cool works nicely here. Lovely expression. I love it. Good luck on the contest.

Lawrence Hickman 20 Apr 2005

very good compostion well done

georgia brown 20 Apr 2005

Beautiful painting!

tim linville 20 Apr 2005

Excellent artwork,as always,Tegan!A most excellent individual style,and pose!

joan warburton 20 Apr 2005

Beautiful work! I like the light on her face. Wonderful painting!

Linda Eades Blackburn 20 Apr 2005

Nice work! Love the reflected light on the hose and great patent Leather!

Rob Jones 20 Apr 2005

The poost modern pin-up, great colors amd lighting, the title rocks too