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One definition: deplorably bad or unsatisfactory. Another: full of or expressing sorrow or grief. As it would take a rather a long and involved treatise to do this subject justice, I will just say "Make of it what you will." I mean you will do that regardless what I write, say, etc. This is a 6 by 4.5 inches gel pen with color pencil drawing on medium bond acid-free paper. Original Jones Art laments a lot of things here in northwest Austin, Texas.

1 Comment

Anonymous Guest

Autsider Art Dr Woordelaas 20 Jan 2024

bonjour tristesse ! hope you re doing well Charles in cold ? Austin. with kind regards Erik

Artist Reply: I'm going to have to listen to The Sound Of Silence again, I think. Haven't in many years. In many ways it's a melancholy collective but a sweet one. Glad to hear from you, Erik. It's been colder than usual here but we Texans don't, as a rule, get a lot of really cold weather per year. Hope you are enjoying yourself. You did pick a picturesque place to live. :)