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21st century goddess

Playing with celophane to create the electric background. I was thinking of our visions of goddesses, always still, poised. I felt in this time of rapid evolution, pure motion, my goddess would be in motion as well. The red is electricity, motion, inertia. The blue fluid, emotion. The red is our momentum, the blue our compassion. The red aggressive, the blue passive, the yin and yang of our experience. The aggressive energy propels us toward our evolution while the passive energy connects us, makes us cohesive with the experience of the moment.

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Anonymous Guest

indarto budi 23 Mar 2008

Great coloring!

Anonymous Guest 06 Sep 2006

i want you to do a piece like this for ME!!! love this !!!

heliopo Heliopo 09 Jun 2006

very good poetic acrylic work !

Renata Cavanaugh 03 Feb 2005

Beautifully painted

Justin Jenkins 03 Feb 2005

Nice color contrasts and patches of blue and yellow that create interesting contours and edges within the red and figure areas.