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Visteria :April, 9, 2015.

My belief in dreams and their fulfillment changed several times during my life.
Some of my dreams were very clear and become true, yet not all of them.
When talking of dreams here, I refer to a dream literally or really. Those who know me, know that I learned and researched my dreams for a while.
I truly believed that there are dreams or wishes, I'm going to fulfill... This belief of mine helped for a while, but changed.
Since I understand life and it's circumstances different now, due to my Life Experiences...
Some dreams meant to be, some not really... You better not hanged on to a dream that would never become real
Perhaps those dreams, are the game of your mind, that is not really serious of it.
Or perhaps you don't know really the way to how fulfill them, because of in-certainties .
Some dreams I did not really dare to dream.
For quite some time, I don't remember myself dreaming.
Reflecting my past in internet (the good side of it)
Lately I had 2 different dreams, about 2 different people, whom i know virtually, and has no connection between them. (April,10, 15 & April 11, 15.)
All I could say, the atmosphere at the 2 dreams was serious... Present which is part of past.
The second dream early this morning would never become true, while the first one yesterday night... I'm not really dreaming :-)
I could write it or not.. But I had to, since I know both persons are here to view, their comments would not be seen here, exactly as my dreams.
Both dreams came unexpectedly.. Night after night, while about the first one, I don't remember ever dreaming.

Thanks for reading & viewing.
I vote for freedom and safety of my private life.( I hope you can join me on in this)
Copyrights to myself.

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Anonymous Guest


Wow,STUNNING and Gorgeous photograhic art,my Friend!!!OUTSTANDING and Eye Catching Beauties!!!Great work,my Dear Friend!!!Wishing You and Your Beautiful Family a Beautiful Day full of Joy,Peace and Love!!!Hugs...Dee&David :):)

Geoff Cooper 13 Apr 2015

Beautiful work as usual from you dear Nira, hope you have a lovely safe week..

Heloisa Castro 12 Apr 2015

Marvellous floral!!!

Pamela Rivera 11 Apr 2015

stunning work :)

ruth sears 11 Apr 2015

Love the presentation to this,very elegant!