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This is the ceiling in the Harvard Faculty Club Breakfast Room. While I was eating breakfast, I thought this view was very artistic and snapped these 2 photos with my iPhone. I saw these as artistic abstract images. I hope you enjoy!


Anonymous Guest

Vernonette Gaddy 30 Jan 2015

Hi Sharon, and I just enjoy viewing your geometric photographic captures. :)

John Cappello 31 Dec 2013

Yes So Beautiful, I love the colors Here! Truly Magnificent work

Elizabeth Lindberg 16 Nov 2013

This ceiling has an interesting artistic look to it. Nicely done Sharon!!

Shannon Slaydon 06 Nov 2013

So very beautiful and unique, Sharon!

Teresa Dominici 05 Nov 2013

Nice, Sharon!

Steve Haynes 05 Nov 2013

excellent Sharon..........

Marika Rozalia Seprenyi 05 Nov 2013

impressing shot!

mel taylor 04 Nov 2013


lillianhibiscus 03 Nov 2013


ruth sears 03 Nov 2013

cool shot,great perspective!

Brenda Loveless 03 Nov 2013

very interesting; good shots!

Vincent von Frese 03 Nov 2013

Vey nice!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Nov 2013

Love the big light fixture. Do they have some kind of cloth over the ceiling to give it the color and texture effect?

Kate Gallagher 03 Nov 2013

I would love to have breakfast in this room, so elegant and beautiful, my POD!

Julie Mayser 03 Nov 2013

Very intriguing, Sharon! How delightful to have breakfast under this ceiling!

Lyle Kroll 03 Nov 2013

Interesting view; guess the designer liked pyramid power. lol :)

Geoff Cooper 03 Nov 2013

Sorry Sharon, that was me..!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Nov 2013

Brilliant pictures..

Ropati Leaso-Cobb 03 Nov 2013

How fabulous Sharon...that's a really unique ceiling. You would think all of that lovely natural lighting would be enough without the chandelier.

Lynn De Serres 03 Nov 2013

VERY artistic indeed. Glad you had your iPhone with you and that you seized the opportunity.

Joanie Holliday 03 Nov 2013


Eva Britt 03 Nov 2013

Really a fantastic ceiling It must have been wonderful eating breakfast there

Anneke Hut 03 Nov 2013

What beautiful light it brings. I can imagine that it gives a wonderful atmosphere.