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Flaming Chevy Pickup

I must say this 50 Flaming Chevy Pickup Truck really gets around. First saw this bewdy of a ride at the Luckenbach Car Show a couple yonks back. If U think the paint is nice in this VivaChas pix U should see it up close and personal. Shadow Flames I think they call it. Obviously the work of a master painter. If I'm not mistaken I believe the work on this truck was done over at Boerne Stage Kustoms. There's a link to their site over in the side bar at Hot Rodney Hot Rods if U want to know more about them. Great Bunch! ~:0) Well - of late I have got the hots for sunsets. Artists often work in what they call series. We get to like the way a particular treatment turned out so we end up giving it a go on a number of pix. I remember a bright sun & cloud series. Then there was the rides under artificial lights. One series I like to call the textury-old- stone-period. And then there's this lot ol'what'shername calls the "Chas-doesn't-get-up- early-enough-to-photograph- b/4-sunset group - Ha! She is the funny one ~:0) U know the Big-Three Truck makers - in the USA - Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge (in no particular order) have made some great looking rigs over the years. The 1950 Chevrolet Truck is way up there in the heady realm of the great rod trucks. And this Flaming Chevy Pickup is likely the best example of that bunch! Couple that up with taking a cruise out to a ridge in the Texas Hill Country where the sundowns are know to be spectacular and a really nice pix can be the end result. ~:0) Twilight time is my time of day - that's no lie. Forties and Fifties pickup trucks are me weakness that's true. Taking me best gal out for a cruise is a particular favorite ritual. Mix that all together with a red and silver bewdy like this Flaming Chevy Pickup and Uv got an evening picnic under an unforgettable sky full of clouds and that as they say - Is A Good Thing ~:0) VivaChas!


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John Cappello 26 Feb 2013

You are Very Talented!Highly Entertaining,Great Sense for Art!

Artist Reply: Thanks John - this is one flaming ride isn't it ~:0) VivaChas!

Elizabeth Lindberg 21 Feb 2013


Artist Reply: Thanks Elizabeth! It's quite a pickup ~:0) VivaChas!