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This group is available to anyone who wants to take over as host. Please contact AW support to help. I am leaving ArtWanted and tried for a few months to get someone to take over, with no success. I would hate to see the group being closed. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to this group! This is a group for all images showing cloudscapes/skyscapes. ALL MEDIA welcome. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ~~GROUP MESSAGES~~ 1) 7 November 2008 **November - Image of the month:** "How God Builds Storms" by Greg Summers. Please got to this link and leave a message for Greg if you have not done so already! LINK: ______________________________________________________________________________________ ***11 January 2009*** ~May 2009 be full of joy & love. May you all be successful, peaceful & happy. ~I was away, busy with other activities. Hope you are all OK. Thank you for the wonderful pics you added to the group. I will be going through each one & comment as I go along. Cheers ~ Mariaan. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ***14 February 2009*** A happy Valentine's Day Wish from me to all the members! May you enjoy romance, love & warmth today & throughout the whole year! ______________________________________________________________________________________ ~ MAY ~ ~ Wonderful images were added the past few months to our group! ~ Thank you! Please take some time to view & comment!
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