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The statue in Eureka Springs, Arkansas brings personal comfort in this time of tragedy in our nation. I wrote the following words to express my feelings about our recent loss in our nation. "WE WEPT" On November 22, 1963 during the middle of the day my feeling of security was suddenly taken far away. We learned my wonderful President in Dallas had been slain. Thus we were shocked, full of disbelief and in terrilbe disdain. WE WEPT! Again in 1999, televison brought the news of a small Colorado town where I saw my nation grieve to see Columbine and what they had found. Once again, my feeling of security had been forever changed. As a teacher, I watched the violence and students who were deranged WE WEPT! This summer in Aurora in a theatre close to me. My world was shocked again as I saw my security flee. How could this happen in our world? These horrors we behold. The movies are fun to see as often I have been told. WE WEPT! This week my heart is broken, as I heard the news of children who were slain In a senseless, unforgiving act of utter mad disdain. I saw my nation once again shed tears of disbelief. May God bless us and the families in Newtown and help to heal our grief. WE WEPT!

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Anonymous Guest


Powerful and Very Moving Photo...Such great sorrow and tragedy...We continue to weep for those who have lost dear precious loved ones.

Artist Reply: Thanks Dee and Blessings in the new year

Brenda Loveless 17 Dec 2012

Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo and expression of grief, Sandra. Well said.

Artist Reply: Thanks Brenda and blessings in the new year

Donald Schrier 17 Dec 2012

I must admit that I sat for quite a while with tears in my eyes over the loss of the 6 teaches and 20 children and then the following days there were more threats on school children. I still feel blessed to live in a free country with the right to worship as I please but I must admit I feel as a grandfather and father the pain that I know those people are having and you can see the question in thier eyes as to why but some day by the grace of God we will understand. Until then my prayes go out to them and all of the people of this great nation.

Artist Reply: Thanks for your wonderful words Donald and blessings in the new year

Lorna Skeie 17 Dec 2012

So well said Sandra. This is such an unthinkable tragedy. So many innocent little lives lost. You say it so well my friend. The statue is so appropriate. I saw it the last time I visited Branson and it is so large and comforting. Thank you for your words.

Artist Reply: Thank you for stopping by and blessings in the new year Lorna

John Swift 17 Dec 2012

We wept as a nation, Sandra and I personally wept as a father and grandfather when I saw images of the heartbroken parents in Ct grieving over the senseless loss of their precious children. I don't know what the answer is and how to stop the senseless slaughter of our innocent children but I honestly don't believe that taking guns away from honest law abiding citizens is the answer. In every state where this has been done the result has been the opposite of the desired result as the action empowers the criminal element and the murder by firearm rate skyrockets. Indeed, if the teachers in Sandy Hook school had firearms of their own, the entire incident could have been avoided.