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Raintree Sept. 2012 Newspaper

This Raintree Village newspaper just came out today. There are 12 pages, and I am on 3 of them including the front page. You can see 2 pages here and I also posted the 2nd page today. I hope you enjoy!


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Tabitha Borges 11 Sep 2012


Sandra McClure 10 Sep 2012

Congratulations Sharon..

Debbie Shirley 07 Sep 2012

Wonderful, Sharon! Congratulations!

Karen Helsing 06 Sep 2012

Very well done!

Vernonette Gaddy 06 Sep 2012

Great marketing recognition of your admirable talents Sharon. :)

Steve Haynes 05 Sep 2012

such interesting reading Sharon and learning all about you. So tallented and recognition deserved.

Adrian Bayreuther 05 Sep 2012

Wow! You are getting even more famous. I am proud to be your friend :-)

Aqua1955 04 Sep 2012

It is nice to read about you, your family and work. It makes it morespecial to me my friend :)

Sigridur Bachmann 03 Sep 2012

CONGRATULATIONS DEAR SHARON ! You really deserve this my friend !

Marika Seprenyi (Antal) 03 Sep 2012

Congratulations dear art friend Sharon, you deserve a medal, after the hard work you put in to all that work!!

Brenda Loveless 02 Sep 2012

So glad you are getting excellent coverage, Sharon. You are, after all, very talented and interesting!

Andrei Mezei 02 Sep 2012

congratulations dear Sharon!you deserved all beautiful words!

Shannon Slaydon 02 Sep 2012

I'm impressed, Sharon! Congratulations!

lillianhibiscus 02 Sep 2012


david snider 02 Sep 2012

what a wonderful event Sharon..i am so happy for you..i could certainly use some publicity..

Nira Dabush 02 Sep 2012

Good for you... Your art is presented so well on the newspaper.. BRAVO..!! A WAY TO GO!


Beautiful photo of you!!!FANTASTIC photos of your Great work!!!Wow,love seeing so many of your OUTSTANDING masterpieces on the wall!!!Congratulations!!!Great Talent,Great Lady,Great Artwork!!!Hugs...Dee&David :):)

Dwight Hildebrand 01 Sep 2012

Bravo Sharon !!! I can echo what John C. had to say ! You are so talented ...

John Cappello 01 Sep 2012

Marvelous piece Very Nice Biography and Meaningful images! Very well done! Excellent Poem, I think We all can Relate. Dear Sharon Thank You!

Kate Gallagher 01 Sep 2012

This is just so great Sharon, so happy for you, congrats!

Julie Mayser 01 Sep 2012

Wonderful article, Sharon! :-)))

James Carney 01 Sep 2012

Contragulations again.

BILL NAGY 01 Sep 2012


Carol Carron 01 Sep 2012

A Big Congratulations, Sharon!!!!

Geoff Cooper 01 Sep 2012

Well done again, you clever girl...!

Donald Schrier 01 Sep 2012

Congratulations Sharon on getting your home posted like this and displaying your work for many to see.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 01 Sep 2012

congratsssss Sharon!!!!!!!!

marie-claire gallet 01 Sep 2012

Wow Sharon !!!!! Congrats !!!!!!!!!!

Eva Britt 01 Sep 2012

Again interesting to read!!!!!