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Ancient Kingdom

Somewhere hidden from the pettiness of humanity exists a world without self-importance or vanity overload.Welcome to the Land Of The Flugnoids.


Anonymous Guest

Maggi Carstairs 03 Oct 2005

You are really deep Lenny...I hope you find this world too.. I have been seeking it for a while too...Awesome thoughts

Artist Reply: For Some People WE Are What We Read.Reading has always been the most significant interest of all for me. The Flugnoids have a huge history I've created over the years influenced by a lot of what I've read.A few of my favorite authors in the past have been Carlos Castaneda and Idris Shah to name a few. This is another view from above.Maybe I created images like this because they seem like a nice place to be.

AL 06 Dec 2004

very interesting piece...good job!

Andree Lerat 04 Sep 2004

"The Flugnoids" HUM! It is a bit like the "Void" which is all and nothing. Really makes one think. Thanks.

Pat Abbott 03 Sep 2004

Another unique piece, Lenny.