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Operational Functions

The inner workings of creativity.


Anonymous Guest

Maggi Carstairs 03 Oct 2005

Stunning..your portfolio is reading like a score

Artist Reply: This Image has a lot of what I call stretching the colors like taffy.Stretching is like dabbing.It's spontanious and unpredictable.My painting method in this period was put on the paint and move it around. I GUESS "ART IS THE SHEET MUSIC OF LIFE"

Andree Lerat 03 Sep 2004

LOVE THE COMPLEXITY OF THIS IMAGE. it holds together like a beautiful musical composition.

Pat Abbott 01 Sep 2004

You are so creative.

sher richardson 01 Sep 2004

hmmm..my inner workings have chocolate and a chained up demon... but yours is gtreat : ) love the idea and all the colour choices... almost discombobulated... : )