Flug Village

It's a beautiful view and even more pleasant below.


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Maggi Carstairs 03 Oct 2005

I think it is under the snow Andre....Fascinating

Artist Reply: There nothing like the Fiber Brush I use with ZBrush the program I use. Flug Village is the best title I could think of at the time.I title my images after they are created and this image is from a series where the CONTENT (what is altered in the image or how it looks or appears)is changed. To quite could be under the snow.Speaking of which I hear its going to be a cold winter.

Andree Lerat 06 Sep 2004

I would like to visit such a village and meet its people. Looking for you to reveal more and more.

Pat Abbott 04 Sep 2004

Another great piece, Lenny. I like the greens.

Donna Ryant 04 Sep 2004

don't really understand how the digital computer stuff is done, but this is beautiful!