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It won't be long anymore! :)


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Nira Dabush 26 Aug 2020

Hello Anneke.. Brilliant composition... Superb work... BRAVO, dear friend.. You are so talented yourself. Happy safe privacy to you and all of us. Love and peace, NIRA. My POD.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Nira!

Marie josé LAURIER 11 Apr 2020


Artist Reply: Thank you very much!

Vernonette Gaddy 01 Mar 2015

Wonderful artistic realism!!

Pamela Rivera 14 Jan 2014

great scene....love the pink trees in the background.....great details:0

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Pamela!

Anne Whiteway 30 May 2013

Anneke, This so beautiful and has amazing details. You are such a fine artist. I will come back soon to comment more. Smiles to you.

Artist Reply: Dear Anne, thank you very much!

yves colas 24 May 2013

An awesome artwork,masterfully done.all my compliments.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Yves! :)

Calvin McFarlane 02 Jul 2012


Artist Reply: Thank you, Calvin!

Sandra McClure 19 May 2012

Brings back memories neat painting Anneke

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Sandra!

Cristina Andrisan 13 May 2012

beautiful,remind me of childhood games and funny days!

Artist Reply: Yes, we used to climb too. Thanks Cristina!

Emily Reed 13 May 2012

How great to see the children enjoying the spring. Wonderful painting, Anneke.

Artist Reply: Emily, thank you so much for the lovely comment!

Gina Cowins 13 May 2012

Hello Anneke, I love the impasto it brings a special focus to an already beautiful painting.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Gina!

Cathy Jones 23 Apr 2012

Gorgeous colors, and a glorious time of year! I love the tree with the children too, and the houses in the background. Wonderful work!

Artist Reply: What a beautiful comment on my work, Cathy! Thank you! :)

Liz Robinson 19 Apr 2012

Lovely work Anneke, love the children in the tree!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Liz! :)

Chris Roukema 18 Apr 2012

Very Beautiful Work, Anneke! Spring is now here!

Artist Reply: Spring is beautiful! I love it, as I do your comment, Chris!

Maria Karalyos 18 Apr 2012

You're a great artist, Anneke, I like your work ! This is a wonderful painting!

Artist Reply: Many thanks for stopping by, Maria! :)

Olga van Dijk 02 Apr 2012

Wat een heerlijk stukje werk is dit weer lieve Anneke!! Love, Light and Peace, Olga

Artist Reply: Hallo Olga, ik zie net dat ik je nog niet bedankt had voor je mooie comment. Sorry, en bij deze heel hartelijk bedankt! Ik wens je fantastische Paasdagen met familie en vrienden toe!

craig moline 26 Mar 2012

What a wonderful painting, Anneke. I love the colors that you chose. It almost has a 3d look to it.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the beautiful compliment, Craig!

craynewhope 18 Mar 2012

This is just beautiful Anneke you are such a good artist.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Gary!

Steve Haynes 15 Mar 2012

excellent Anneke..

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Steve!

Teresa Dominici 12 Mar 2012

So very beautiful!!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Teresa! :)

Nancy Jeresko 10 Mar 2012

WoW Anneka! you blosomed into a fine artist. this is wonderful

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for the sweet words, Nancy! :)


Wow,gorgeous colors and textures in this Exquisite Beautiful masterful artwork,my Friend!!!Great mood,Great Title!!!,Dee :)

Artist Reply: HI DEE!! :) Great to see you again! How are you? Thank you for the lovely comment! :)

Renata Cavanaugh 07 Mar 2012

I love the blooming trees....gorgeous work

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Renata! :)

nikos kanellos 05 Mar 2012

Its a very sweet and balanced artwork Anneke!the coexistence between humans and nature!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the wonderful comment, Seth! :)

Joan Wulff 01 Mar 2012

Nicely done-love the children!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Joan!

Caballero Salguero 01 Mar 2012

Fantastic acrylic Anneke!great painter... is one beauty of composition and colorful.the texture,faces children,all is a precious poem.with much energy and warm human. Wonderful, Pepe!

Artist Reply: Hi Pepe, I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for your beautiful comment!

Carol Sawyer 29 Feb 2012

Beautiful work!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Carol!

Gabrielle Marie 29 Feb 2012

In een woord.. prachtig!

Artist Reply: Hartelijk bedankt voor het mooie comment, Gabrielle!

Patty Day 27 Feb 2012

Beautifully done, great work again my friend!!

Artist Reply: Hi Patty, thank you so much! I saw your beautiful new pictures, but I can't post comments on AW at the moment.

Basant Soni 26 Feb 2012

Magnificent work ..my friend..

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Basant! :)

Sigridur Bachmann 26 Feb 2012

Great combination of colours and structures ! Heavenly and very well done !

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for the beautiful comment, Sigga! :)

Jerry Lee 25 Feb 2012

I agree with all of the posts, this is AWESOME. Jerry Lee

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Jerry!

José Fortunato 24 Feb 2012

Beautiful ! Great texture.

Artist Reply: Dear José, thank you very much for your sweet words. I saw your beautiful new works, but can't post comments at the moment. Hopefully AW will soon solve it.

Sharon Gonzalez 24 Feb 2012


Artist Reply: Thank you very much for all the lovely words and POD, dear Sharon! :)

Sabina Oelerking 24 Feb 2012

well done, great peace of artwork !

Artist Reply: Sabine, thank you so much!

Seth Weaver 24 Feb 2012

Lovely composition with great colors and expression.

Artist Reply: Hi Seth, thank you for the beautiful comment!

Bev Chudey 24 Feb 2012

beautiful as usual Anneke Can't wait for spring to get here

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Bev! :)

Stefani Wehner 24 Feb 2012

SUBLIME work of art: amazingly done, dear Anneke!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Stefani!

surekha rao 24 Feb 2012

Yes, we all share this yearning and longing for the magical spring always! How gorgeous and delightful is this scene you have created, Anneke! I wish I could get into this beautiful place and be a child again!

Artist Reply: YES! I would love to sit there on that old trunk and feel the spring breeze on my face! :)) Thanks for the lovely comment, Surekha!

Aqua1955 24 Feb 2012

I think so Anneke... the temperature is raising and with not to much rain we great the leaves and flowers

Artist Reply: The first signs are there already.:)

Marika Seprenyi (Antal) 24 Feb 2012

Love the kids! Why have you not been working lately as what Beatrix Jahn says?

Artist Reply: I only paint when I feel inspiration. Luckily I don't need to live from it.:) Thank you very much for the visit and comment, Marika.

Beatrix Jahn 23 Feb 2012

How beautiful...........the texture is fantastic, Anneke and the pink trees and lush green grass a pure treat to the eye!!! Great to see your work again! xox

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, my friend! :)

ruth sears 23 Feb 2012

well if it looks like this I can't wait,this is so beautiful and colorful with great textures,smashing job!

Artist Reply: Hi Ruth, many thanks for the beautiful words!

Stanley Layman 23 Feb 2012

Interesting textures!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Stanley!

John Cappello 23 Feb 2012

Magnificent. So incredibly wonderful! Young, Fresh and free; Reminds me of good times .Very realistic

Artist Reply: Spring is always good times! :) Thank you so much, John!

Brenda Loveless 23 Feb 2012

fine job on this lovely work!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Brenda!

Warren Ballard 23 Feb 2012

Magnificent painting!

Artist Reply: Your opinion is much appreciated, Warren!

Andrei Mezei 23 Feb 2012

yes indeed it's comming!bravo Anneke!beautiful painting!you did a great job with the trees,the kids are amazing and great atmosphere!bravo again!

Artist Reply: Your wonderful words are very much appreciated, Andrei. Thanks a lot!

Kathleen Kelly-Thompson 23 Feb 2012

So Beautiful Anneke...it looked alot like this here by me today..sunny and spring-like :)

Artist Reply: You are lucky to have this already, Kathleen. Many thanks for your kind comment!

Ropati Leaso-Cobb 23 Feb 2012

Oh my goodness ...this is so beautiful Anneke, perfect illustrative work that would look stunning in a children's picture book perhaps? Love it lots!

Artist Reply: Wow, I would love to see it in a book. What a great thought and comment too, Ropati! Thank you very much!

lillianhibiscus 23 Feb 2012

What a lovely, happy Spring painting Anneke.

Artist Reply: Hi Lillian, many thanks for your beautiful comment!

Nira Dabush 23 Feb 2012


Artist Reply: Thank you so much, dear Nira! :)

marie-claire gallet 23 Feb 2012

What a good news Anneke !! We are all waiting for the blossom !!!!!!!! Big hugs from France !!

Artist Reply: Dutch hugs back, Marie-Claire!:) I can't wait to see them in real, the first buds are on the trees already over here.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 23 Feb 2012

oh, geweldig, er is zoveel te zien en te ervaren!!!

Artist Reply: :) Het was ook een heel werk! :) Hartelijk dank voor het mooie comment en de POD, Nelly. Een heel fijn weekend!

Maria Anna Machado 23 Feb 2012

fantastic work...

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Maria! :)