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I painted this yesterday afternoon. The bottom photo shows where I hung it; in the guest dressing room. I hope you enjoy! This Painting is SOLD!


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Jo-Ann Hayden 28 Oct 2011

Exquisite work!

Caballero Salguero 12 Oct 2011

Fantastic acrylic and genial Cypress Sharon,great colorful and marvelous lines is one exception of high beauty.sensational landscape. This photo,interior water a belle design...Is delightful. Wonderful, Pepe!

KC CHANG 08 Oct 2011


Aqua1955 08 Oct 2011

Very nice work Sharon :)

Tabitha 08 Oct 2011

nice piece so moving.. I agree with Olga.

Olga van Dijk 07 Oct 2011

Is this the Okefenokee (don't know how to spell) water area? When I lived in Southern Georgia, we visited it by boat and it was magnificent! And so is your painting Sharon! Love and Light, Olga

Karen Helsing 06 Oct 2011

Lovely picture!

M Smith 06 Oct 2011

Awesome! I love cypress trees! Looks great against that wallpaper!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 05 Oct 2011

This is wonderful, Sharon, and perfect for the place!

Wendy Law 05 Oct 2011

this is gorgeous Sharon & what a lovely spot to hang it in

Elaine Cruickshank 05 Oct 2011

What a beautiful painting Sharon. The reflections on the water are wonderful. It looks really good hanging there and the frame just finishes the work perfectly.

Izabella Pavlushko 05 Oct 2011

Ah, what a cosy little corner with painting. Love the reflection. Beautifully done work, Sharon !

Jan van Baarle 05 Oct 2011

Great work. I like the reflection.

Basant Soni 05 Oct 2011

Glorious nature show..!!My fav

Donna PierceClark 05 Oct 2011

That frame is absolutely perfect! You are wetting our appetites for an invite!!

mel taylor 05 Oct 2011


Ron Atkin 05 Oct 2011

I agree with Anneke re the water. And hanging.

Steve Haynes 05 Oct 2011

love it Sharon....looks great hanging on wall too...


Wow,amazing beautiful work of ART,my Dear Friend!!!Great artistry!!!FANTASTIC relfections!!!Perfect place for your Cypress Beauty!!!,Dee&David :):)

Anneke Hut 05 Oct 2011

You paint such awesome water, Sharon. It looks marvelous in that little corner!

david snider 04 Oct 2011

beautifully done Sharon..looks terrific framed..

Warren Ballard 04 Oct 2011

Beautiful painting Sharon, wonderful reflections.

Vernonette Gaddy 04 Oct 2011

I am still in awe Sharon over your glorious all-around talents as an artist, a photographer, and a home decorator.

LouAnn Knight 04 Oct 2011

What a beautiful painting.. and awesome frame.. The colors of the painting seem to draw from the green bathroom, against the color of the dressing room Very beautiful effect!!!!

Marika Seprenyi (Antal) 04 Oct 2011

looking really good there!!

terry waites 04 Oct 2011

beautiful colour and reflection

Patty Day 04 Oct 2011

Beautiful!! Awesome texture, supper job!!!

Julie Mayser 04 Oct 2011

Lovely work! Great selection of greens and the reflections are wonderful! It really brings beauty to the room! PS- Super frame!

kathleen thompson 04 Oct 2011

Nice work Sharon, very beautiful scene:)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Oct 2011

very nice

Peter Rivron 04 Oct 2011

Beautiful art and composition Sharon...

James Carney 04 Oct 2011

Nicely done Sharon, reminds me of the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge, been there a few times...

Brenda Loveless 04 Oct 2011

Really a fine painting and placed in the perfect spot!

Debbie Shirley 04 Oct 2011

This is wonderful Sharon!! Love the reflection.

Annette Labedzki 04 Oct 2011

oh lovely Sharon and I love the frame,container etc...!

Ropati Leaso-Cobb 04 Oct 2011

oh I like this...reflections upon reflection. Another beautiful work if art in your lovely home Sharon.

Lorna Skeie 04 Oct 2011

another beauty

Don Struke 04 Oct 2011

Is that Mizz M&M hanging on the door? (I love that wallpaper.) (AND the painting.) (AND AND your pallette throughout.) (!!)

BILL NAGY 04 Oct 2011

Excellent as usual, Sharon. No one paints trees as well as you do.

ruth sears 04 Oct 2011

It is lovely Sharon and looks just right where you placed it!

Kate Gallagher 04 Oct 2011

Splendid work Sharon

Sigridur Bachmann 04 Oct 2011

STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL PAINTING ! Fits in so very well,as it has been there always !

Stefani Wehner 04 Oct 2011

Gorgeous painting..........and great place, my dear!

Geoff Cooper 04 Oct 2011

A beautiful painting, love the so real reflections, also where it hangs and reflected in the mirror too..

José Fortunato 04 Oct 2011

Beautiful Sharon !

Nira Dabush 04 Oct 2011


Nick Aumiller 04 Oct 2011

Sharon, Very great image, Very nicely done! (Egret feather in your cap!) N.

Joanie Holliday 04 Oct 2011

TERRIFIC painting Sharon and it looks wonderful in the guest dressing room. Just the most perfect place to hang it. Gos with the decor 100%.. Great job.. Joanie

Cynthia Stayte 04 Oct 2011

Lovely Sharon, awesome reflection's and lighting, love how the gold frames makes it stand out. Looks great against the tree's on that new wall paper also. Great job!!

marie-claire gallet 04 Oct 2011

The painting is gorgeous !!!! And for the decoration, I love the green of the painting in accordance with the green of the frame, the litlle box and the pot below.

lillianhibiscus 04 Oct 2011

The reflection on the water is fabulous! Looks lovely there Sharon.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 04 Oct 2011

so beautiful, it has such an oriental look!!! love it!