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vase and flowers

I did this one earlier,this one is with different colors and slightly enhanced on the upload.


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John Cappello 23 Apr 2013

Always Exceptional Artwork and Very Worthy of praises. What a Lovely painting This is! I particularly like the Fine Designs and Witty details. Such Sublime work

Caballero Salguero 01 Mar 2012

Marvelous acrylic Ruth!!! sensational vase and flower... with great tenderness and elegance,nice painting.Wonderful, Pepe!

Nira Dabush 19 Sep 2011



FANTASTIC impressionist work,my Friend!!!Stunning!!!,Dee&David

Wendy Law 11 Sep 2011

this is beautiful Ruth - a true masterpiece

Sandra McClure 10 Sep 2011

nice effect and color choice Ruth

craig moline 08 Sep 2011

What a lovely painting. The colors blend beautifully and the lighting pulls it all together.

Cathy Holford 07 Sep 2011

That is so gorgeous and detailed!

Olga Naletova 07 Sep 2011

So delicate Ruth! Nice detail. Love the color! Well done!!

lillianhibiscus 06 Sep 2011


david snider 05 Sep 2011

this is really wonderful Ruth..beautifully done..

Eugenia Abramson 04 Sep 2011

Lovely floral painting

Elaine Cruickshank 04 Sep 2011

Such a pretty floral painting. Love the colours you have used.

Pashia Dsouza 04 Sep 2011

De-light-full.... beautiful colours.

surekha rao 04 Sep 2011 pretty! Excellent painting, Ruth!

Ginger Lovellette 04 Sep 2011

Wow! This is neat!

Anneke Hut 04 Sep 2011

A stunning still life, Ruth!

Brenda Loveless 03 Sep 2011

lovely painting, Ruth!

Frank Maguire 03 Sep 2011

Very Glamorus!!

Sharon Gonzalez 03 Sep 2011


Stefani Wehner 03 Sep 2011

one word: WONDERFUL!

M Smith 03 Sep 2011

Very pretty; I really like the colors!

Kate Gallagher 02 Sep 2011

This is gorgeous Ruth!!

LouAnn Knight 02 Sep 2011

Oh I saw this on FB.. Soooo beautiful. Even prettier there.. Looks so real yet it's prettier than the real thing would be. Excellent!!!!

Karen Helsing 02 Sep 2011


Lorna Skeie 02 Sep 2011

Very nice Ruth

Seth Weaver 02 Sep 2011

A beautiful and brilliant floral bouquet.

metin topa 02 Sep 2011

gushing flowers;absolutely marvellous,full of live..

Donald Schrier 02 Sep 2011

Very nice Ruth and I love the way the flowers blend with the table top and the leaves with the vase.

Julie Mayser 02 Sep 2011

Delicate, lovely!

Gabrielle lee 02 Sep 2011

Absolutely Gorgeous!! Love this:)

marie-claire gallet 02 Sep 2011

Lovely floral art Ruth !!

Olga van Dijk 02 Sep 2011

Hope you'll sell this one Ruthie. Love the sparks coming from this bouquet of flowers! ~Love and Light, Olga

Sigridur Bachmann 02 Sep 2011

Extremely beautiful work, Julie ! Super colors !

Cynthia Stayte 02 Sep 2011

Ruth I have to say this is one of my favorite's, beautiful, just beautiful! I hope you have this one up for sale, if you don't then you should.

Julia Scorupsky 02 Sep 2011

Very lovely work, Ruth!

Ralph Taylor 02 Sep 2011

An interesting choice of palette Ruth