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very bright pastels on velour paper,wetlands study,sunset.


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Brenda Loveless 05 Aug 2017

Fantastic work!

Sandra S. Corona 11 May 2013

Wow ... very cool!

Marja-Leena Landry 15 Feb 2013

This too is beautiful...

John Cappello 14 Jun 2012

I really like This Lovely , Great Art Work and Nice Focus of these hot colors on the waters

Caballero Salguero 12 Jun 2012

Great beauty and exquisite fantasy like potent colorful. Lovely landscape. Wonderful. Pepe!

Delia Pacheco 04 May 2012


paul cowling 09 Apr 2012


Andrei Mezei 09 Feb 2012

GREAT!very decorative style!

Adrian Bayreuther 29 Oct 2011

Impressing colourful art work.

Calvin McFarlane 24 Oct 2011

what a tasty treat

Artist Reply: thank you so very much Calvin,hope all is fell with you!

Miles Baker 24 Oct 2011

what an outstanding colourful work-sorry COLORFUL!-for the USA!-my pod Miles XXXX

Sheryl Unwin 29 Sep 2011

Love the vibrant colors, nice work ;-)

Cathy Holford 23 Sep 2011

So vibrant and beautiful!

terry wylde 10 Aug 2011

beautiful vivid artwork.

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 18 Jun 2011

Superb colourful work.

Karen Helsing 23 May 2011


Julie Mayser 20 May 2011

So fresh and colorful!

Joan Wulff 20 May 2011

Love your vibrant colors!

Elaine Cruickshank 20 May 2011

Stunning landscape. Wonderful use of colour.

Dawn Mercer 19 May 2011

Love this.. the colors are so vibrant.. great work.. :0)

Frank Maguire 18 May 2011

Another work of great beauty from you Ruth.

John Steedle 18 May 2011

Very nice, it looks like it was painted on glass, very luminous.

Alison Vernon 18 May 2011

Nice! Do you ever do the plein air event at the Fells? I'm doing it again this summer. You might like it.

Sigridur Bachmann 18 May 2011

Wonderful colors and amazing landscape !

Donald Schrier 18 May 2011

Very nice use of colors and what appears to be a wonderful landscape. My only question is what is that in the sky. Having seen to many SF movies in my lifetime all kinds of things come to my mind.

Patty Day 18 May 2011

What beautiful color, outstanding work Ruth!!!

Julia Lesnichy 18 May 2011

Ruth, amazing colors! So much energy in this painting!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 18 May 2011

firing BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Phil Strevens 18 May 2011

This has worked out extremely well, congratz on a vibrant eye catching piece

Nira Dabush 18 May 2011

fantastic gorgeously colourful dear ruth.. a real delight.. and i wonder where is your portfolio... (?).. GOOD DAY!!

Beatrix Jahn 17 May 2011

Another gorgeous piece, with such a unique and beautiful style!

jimmy guan 17 May 2011

Beautiful Work Ruth! I can see you are moving in a different direction with your work Keep it up keep changing keep exploring! I commend you for it! You are a true artist

Sharon Gonzalez 17 May 2011


Seth Weaver 17 May 2011

Stunning and dynamic creation, Ruth.

Basant Soni 17 May 2011

Grand nature show with best impression ...

terry waites 17 May 2011

beautiful vivid colours and such impact love it, Terry

LouAnn Knight 17 May 2011

Oh you must be feeling zippy today... or whenever you painted this. Very intense!! Sure wish I had your freedom of expression!!!!

Kate Gallagher 17 May 2011

Awesome colors Ruth -- great work!

Wendy Law 17 May 2011

wow love all the bright colours Ruth

Lorna Skeie 17 May 2011

Bright and beautiful!

Teresa Dominici 17 May 2011

Love the colors...beautifully done Ruth!!!

Anneke Hut 17 May 2011

Its' beautiful with the burning orange colours! Ruth what happened to all the lovely paintings you had here?

Cynthia Stayte 17 May 2011

Very unique Ruth, don't know how you manage to do that, I guess it depends on the paper you use, that makes it work for you. Some day I may try pastels, we will see how the water colors go Great image!!