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Nel Calore del Giorno

"In the Heat of the day"

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DONATION to the Food, Wine and Art Fest
for the Mental Health Association, Wilmington, DE.

The event features an auction highlighted by art pieces donated by many local artisans
as well as jewelry, sporting event tickets, and other great items.


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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Sep 2014

Morning Prayer for Diane and Janet. May today there be peace within. May all else melt away. And so it is. Moi

John Cappello 20 Mar 2012

So Pure and a Testament of You great Artistry. Heavenly

LouAnn Knight 14 Aug 2011

Outstanding! The colors are beautiful and the more you look the more you see. BEAUTIFUL!!!

David Holcombe 09 Mar 2011

This is a warm painting. You can almost feel the heat radiating from the surface, which could be terrestrial or lunar.

Bernhard Mueller 08 Mar 2011

Impressing, glowing appearance.

KC CHANG 04 Mar 2011


Julia Scorupsky 02 Mar 2011

It look GORGEOUS, especially with the frame, Olga! Beautiful art!

Barry Huyett 02 Mar 2011

great bushes at bottom....excellent

Steve Farr 01 Mar 2011

Most EXCELLENT work, Olga!! I can feel the "warmth"!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Steve!

metin topa 28 Feb 2011

it really gives the mood of a hot day in a desert..very well done..

Katerina Koukiotis 28 Feb 2011

gorgeous colors!!

Elaine Cruickshank 28 Feb 2011

Beautiful picture. Love the warm fiery tones that you have chosen.

Bev Chudey 28 Feb 2011

Sure looks hot Olga!

marie-claire gallet 28 Feb 2011

Hot hot hot, these beautiful colors !!! This is exactly what we need in those dull winter days !! Bravo Olga, this is a mastepiece !


Wow,OUTSTANDING Gorgeous work of Fine ART,my Friend!!!Exquisite framing!!!BRILLIANT portrayal of the desert with the heat of the sun!!!Another Olga Van Dijk,masterpiece!!!,Dee :)

Marika Antal 27 Feb 2011

lovely work...

Anneke Hut 27 Feb 2011

You really painted the hot summer sun. The colours match beautiful! I want to POD it, but I'm in the back of the queue! :)))

Artist Reply: DANK VOOR DE POD, ANneke! Geweldig!

Cole McLester 27 Feb 2011

This canvas is on fire. Fantastic

Sigridur Bachmann 27 Feb 2011

Love the tones and composition ! Stunning colors !

lillianhibiscus 27 Feb 2011

Fabulous painting Olga. Glorious colors!

Aqua1955 27 Feb 2011

Prachtig Olga. De zonnestraaltjes vliegen er zo vanaf. Ik bemerk een stuk opleving in je werk, het spatgewoon van je scherm om te zien, Of dat misschien met je kleinkind te maken heeft? Verder een opmerking over die lijst... die doet afbraak aan je voortreffelijke werk.

Stefani Wehner 27 Feb 2011

Sublime art-work, Olga...... the colors are so fascinating........ and I can feel the hot! My PIC today!

Artist Reply: THANK YOU STEF!! How nice of you. I feel honored! Have a great Sunday! Love and Light, Olga

Thom Roslan 27 Feb 2011

WATER......WATER.....I NEED WATER.......This is truly HOT Olga ! Love the "richness" in the color palette......and as always a little bit of texture to add dimension.....Excellent !

Brenda Loveless 26 Feb 2011

sizzling good painting!

tim linville 26 Feb 2011

Excellent heat and energy,Olga :) Always a Viewing Pleasure in Your Paintings!

Frank Maguire 26 Feb 2011

I got sunburn just looking at it, beautiful.

Wendy Law 26 Feb 2011

this is a very beautiful piece of art Olga

Sharon Gonzalez 26 Feb 2011


Eva Britt 26 Feb 2011

Brilliant artwork Olga. Beautiful colors I can feel the heat It looks just like a desert landscape

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 26 Feb 2011


ruth sears 26 Feb 2011

beautiful,love the warmth of the colors,very welcome at this time of year.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 26 Feb 2011

warm glowing work!

Olga Naletova 26 Feb 2011

Great artwork! Great colors!

Ana Tirolese 26 Feb 2011

Beautiful painting.

Jerie kunitsky 26 Feb 2011

So vibrant and wonderful..

José Fortunato 26 Feb 2011

Hot ! Hot ! And beautiful !

Nira Dabush 26 Feb 2011

Love the title Olga to fit with your artwork.

Artist Reply: Thank you Nira!