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Golden Moment

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Thank you dear Sigga Bachmann for allowing me to paint from your gorgeous photo, "Golden Moment". And for inspiring me to paint this, my first painting since Frank died. This is a small painting at 10" X 8" in size. It looks much better in real life than here in this photo. I hope you enjoy!!!


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Nigel Willimont 27 Sep 2017

i think your landscaping painting are wonderful... the colours you use...

Marcus Matthew 21 May 2016

Great painting

Anne Whiteway 27 Aug 2014

I am so sorry about the loss of Frank. My heart goes out to you.This is very beautiful. Stunning work, Sharon.

Ben Kiger 26 Jan 2012

beautiful art

John Steedle 03 Aug 2011

Beautiful work Sharon.

Bernhard Mueller 07 Apr 2011

Gorgeous, professionally made.

Michael Durst 14 Mar 2011

What an exciting painting. The colors and the strokes create such movement!

Dawn Mercer 13 Mar 2011

Beautiful work.. love this one... great choice in colors

Anna Marie Fritz 11 Feb 2011

A lovely, warming landscape!

Phil Cashdollar 25 Dec 2010

Fantastic work... a beautiful painting...

Marika Antal 22 Dec 2010

super it!!

Jackee Swinson 22 Dec 2010

A gorgeous piece of work, the colors are great

Dennis Knecht 21 Dec 2010

absolutely marvelous!!!

Nira Dabush 21 Dec 2010


Tabitha Borges 20 Dec 2010

brillant color snad movement

tyler robbins 19 Dec 2010

Superb...I love the color!

Matthew Steffen 19 Dec 2010

Beautiful Piece

Barry Huyett 19 Dec 2010

wonderful golden comP

Geoff Cooper 19 Dec 2010

Great painting Sharon.

Eva Britt 19 Dec 2010

As most beutiful painting Sharon. Really golden.

Steve Haynes 18 Dec 2010

Beautiful work as usual Sharon....I feel the cold!!

Janelle Losoff 18 Dec 2010

More of Nature's fire and ice captured on canvas -- Although complex in detail, there is unity and peace in this colorful sunset/early winter composition. Bravo.

José Fortunato 18 Dec 2010

A wonderful acrylic. Bravo

KC CHANG 18 Dec 2010


Sara Deutsch 18 Dec 2010

Powerful! I love the way the 2 trees touch...

Wendy Law 18 Dec 2010

what a beautiful painting Sharon very very lovely

its arts 18 Dec 2010

Very Nice work. Good use of colors in the background.

Anneke Hut 18 Dec 2010

Wonderful! You really captured the golden sunlight, Sharon!

Ai Shan 17 Dec 2010

So very beautifully done painting, dear Sharon!

Brenda Loveless 17 Dec 2010

ohhh, what wonderful harmonious colors; it's beautiful, Sharon!!

Cynthia Stayte 17 Dec 2010

Beautiful Sharon, I love how the branches embrace one another, and the colors are great, Frank would have loved this one also. Well done!

gabrielle lee 17 Dec 2010

Extraordinarily Beautiful!!......... Quite mesmerising..... Love it :)

Martina Thompson 17 Dec 2010

Awesome work!

Vincent von Frese 17 Dec 2010

The trees with light in the background are a contrast representing two realities interacting. It's a nice painting Sharon!

Claude J Morrissette 17 Dec 2010

Excellent painting and love the use of complementary colors!

lillianhibiscus 17 Dec 2010

Beautiful work Sharon. Such a lovely scene. Just like to look at it for a long time.

Bob Caldwell 17 Dec 2010

Absolutely beautiful .

John Cappello 17 Dec 2010

Sharon, you have a beautiful tree scenes,the branches so real, you are so very talented. I feel at peace looking at this painting. So Nice. I like the blue contrasting off of the yellow oranges of the Golden Sky, This is truly a Fantastic Magical Moment.

Kate Gallagher 17 Dec 2010

Fabulous Sharon -- surely is a golden moment

Ana Johnson 17 Dec 2010

Hi Sharon! Tried to PoD this one but it has already been PoDed! XXXXX Much love from Ana

Julie Mayser 17 Dec 2010

Well done, Sharon! I recognized Sigga's photo even without the description alluding the source to her! Her colorful scenes are just so striking! I am glad you feel up to painting again.

Warren Ballard 17 Dec 2010

Beautiful artwork Sharon.

BILL NAGY 17 Dec 2010

Super beautiful as are all of your paintings of trees, Sharon

Alberto D'Assumpcao 17 Dec 2010

Fantastic work and colours, dear Sharon!!

Shannon Slaydon 17 Dec 2010

Absolutely beautiful, Sharon! I love the glow through the trees! Amazing work, as always!

Aqua1955 17 Dec 2010

wow Sharon.. I love the glow in the background

Lorna Skeie 17 Dec 2010

Beautiful. It has a mystical glow to it. Glad you are painting again!

LouAnn Knight 17 Dec 2010

Beautiful!!! and your trees are always so amazing!! I'm sure Frank is enjoying it too.. Glad to see you're getting back into things...

mel taylor 17 Dec 2010

Beautiful, Sharon!

Debbie Shirley 17 Dec 2010

This is beautiful Sharon! The brushwork makes me think of caligraphy. May you have a peaceful holiday season.

kelvin Hughes 17 Dec 2010

excellent sharon well done hope you have a merry christmas and happy new year to you

Donald Schrier 17 Dec 2010

Really nice sky in the background Sharon and I like the way you have carried the reflected light in the snow.

Shakeh Sarookhanian 17 Dec 2010

Your brush work is really magnificent and strong here Sharon.Very nice work.

Maria Anna Machado 17 Dec 2010

fantastic work...

James Lanigan-Thompson 17 Dec 2010


Gordon Christie 17 Dec 2010

Great tones!

Patty Day 17 Dec 2010

Beautiful work again my dear friend, have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Take care and God Bless...

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 17 Dec 2010


Caballero Salguero 17 Dec 2010

Thanks so much my dear friend Sharon, excellent group of trees,your unmistakable style with beautiful composition and tones, lovely clarity, utterly,magical piece, José

Beatrix Jahn 17 Dec 2010

You sure out did yourself on this one, Munchkin! The glowing light is wonderfully captured! And you get great depth into it! Excellent work, Sharon! xxox

Olga van Dijk 17 Dec 2010

B E A U T I F U L ... what an awesome colors Sharon! Love your elegant presentation too!

Annette Labedzki 17 Dec 2010

My POD and I was first! it is a beautiful gem! love the colors!

Suzanne Laytham 17 Dec 2010

That is beautiful Sharon. Love those colors!

Sigridur Bachmann 17 Dec 2010

You are so very welcome my dear friend ! This is absolutely one of your best painting ever ! " PERFECT "

Stefani Wehner 17 Dec 2010

no comment: my Pod.......... oups, Ruth was faster than me........will try it tomorrow, my dear!

ruth sears 17 Dec 2010

oh wow Sharon,this is absolutely beautiful,it seems to glow,if I felt better would say POD!!

Jerry Lee Cline 17 Dec 2010

Beautiful Sharon ....Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to You and Yours.....Jerry Lee