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I live in Switzerland, on the edge of the Lake of Geneva. I accidentally discovered the computer in the 80's, began learning programs, and on 1990 I discovered Bryce, Poser and Photoshop. It is exciting to be able to create images from imagination. I have learned everything by myself, with the help of books, and especially personal attempts; starting over a thousand times it seems! With the arrival of the Web, I was able to refine my knowledge with tutorials. The creation on computer is now a part of my life but it remains a hobby. I am inspired for atmospheres, by paintings of the 18th century and of John Howe’s drawings, the talented draftsman of the "Lord of the Rings" or simply I invent unreal worlds or characters taken out of my imagination. I create with my Heart for the pleasure and to offer a little happiness and dreams to a disturbed World.

Sincerely Yours,

Francoise Denereaz

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