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Enjoy a full year of beautiful art with my 12-month wall calendar!
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12 Nov, 2023

Mid November already and the temperate are finally cooling off this year, and the wonderful autumn colors are in their full glory. Time is passing by so quickly and my focus is on the upcoming Silver City Holiday Artisan Market, December 2 & 3. I think I have a good variety of art that will be available, including ArtWanted Floral theme calendars. Creative Minds Vol. 2 should be available soon, keep your eyes open for its arrival.


Marty Marlow 6 days ago

"Happy Holidays and God Bless You and Yours Throughout the coming New Year"

Vicki Pelham 6 days ago

And to you and your family also Marty....... wishing you very happy holidays. Thank you so much!


27 Aug, 2023

Looking forward to September. The weather is changing, the cool breezes are wonderful and we're finally getting a bit of rain. Also, in my art world, I'm waiting to find out if my images will be accepted into the new ArtWanted book. I haven't done any of the local shows in our area for quite some time, but I am hoping to be in this year's Holiday Art Market, which I'll also find out about in mid-month. I have galleries on quite a few sites. My Zazzle store has to be the most neglected by myself, with little more than a handful of products. I did have a sale there this past week of cabinet knobs with my southwest design, that was very exciting indeed, I've included a picture with this post.


19 Aug, 2023

This is my first attempt at a blog, so lets see how it goes. I've finally reached a point in my life where I see the importance of allowing myself time to focus more on things that make me happy and sooth my soul. Retirements of daily life still take me away from my passions for periods of time. These days I really understand the healing power of art, both in the visual aspect as well as creating my own art. the fine art of Photography has been, is and always will be a true love for me even thought I'm trending more to the art side of things these days. Another love of mine is my family history which has really come back as a passion. First starting with a cousin of mine sharing the research she has done on another side of the family. My family tree delves into the Pelham side of our family which now takes us back to my 8th Great Grandfather, I'm not sure if people actually read these blogs but it will be interesting to see, And if you are reading this, I world like to WELCOME you to my new little blog stop.