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Vicki Pelham 2024 Calendar For Sale

Enjoy a full year of beautiful art with my 12-month wall calendar!
Perfect for your home or office and makes a great gift idea.

Self Portrait

Welcome to my gallery! I want to thank you for joining me on my journey as an Independent Artist living in Southwest New Mexico, USA. Inspiration surrounds us everywhere we turn, if you choose to see it. From architecture to amazing landscapes, small colorful vignettes of nature and creatures of all sizes. My art is in the form of photography and digital creations with some acrylic abstract. You'll find that my work to be quite eclectic across all art mediums. Having grown up in the world of film and the fine art of photography, I had an appreciation at a young age for the art form. My first camera was a Leica M3 and I now shoot with a Pentax K1. It was much later in life that I developed my own expression and passion for photography, which has evolved to include self-expression through art, which has become an additional passion. Digital painting, both realism and abstract are included in my collection of work using the many digital tools and brushes available today as well as exploring AI assistance, as an additional digital tool in some of my art creations. Quite often my work will be vibrant and bold in color, which comes out of color soothing my soul. I believe the healing power of art is enormous, in both the creation of, the viewing of, and today is also available in many forms, wall art, decor art, wearable art as well as functional art. Something to suit everyone's needs and desires. Thank you so much for supporting Independent Artist all around the world!

Please note that the watermark does NOT reproduce on finished products you purchase.

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