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11 Feb, 2009

Wow, what an event! The biggest turnout that Brand X has ever had and that is thanks to you! I am floating on cloud 9 right now, just absolutely blown away with the success of the show. My friends, family and co-workers sure did pull through for me. My head is swirling and running in a thousand different directions just thinking about it all and trying to still take everything in. How do I begin to even say thank you to everyone? What's such a treat to me is your never ending support of my artwork. Most of you had to make quite a trip to go to the show and I appreciate that more than you will probably ever know. My friends from Casa Grande, wow! You rock, we all have spent most of our lives making long trips up to Phoenix just to go see a movie or do some shopping growing up, its always been a trip. Thank you for making one for me. From the outskirts of Buckeye, the Northern end of Scottsdale, Florence, Queen Creek with two kids in tow, somewhere too darn far North West (sorry Matt and Tina, too far away to even remember the town!), Payson (I've missed you guys), Chandler, Mesa, Glendale, Surprise, Arizona City... thank you! To those of you without a car that found a way to make it up there, thank you! To my farthest traveling friend Benjamin who surprised me from France, yes you did what you had planned. I think I have a bruise on my jaw from when it hit the floor! I've never been surrounded by so many people that I care for. You set aside some time on a Friday evening for me and that's such a great feeling. My dance partners who gave up an evening of dancing, that's tough. I think I'm going through withdrawals right now from not getting to dance this week yet, thanks for giving up a night for me. You're probably wondering how the actual art did right? Phenomenally better than I could have hoped! Opening night there were 24 originals available. Nine originals sold along with ten custom t-shirts with my dandelion image on it. They're still available for print if anyone later decides they'd like to pick up a t-shirt, they came out super cute and a I get commission off of each one sold, even better! The exhibit stays up until Feb. 19th, after which the artwork is all released to the buyers and I'll be able to pick up any remaining unsold paintings. If you're in the Tempe area and you were unable to attend last night, try to drop in for a second and check it out. I don't know when and where I'll show my artwork again, so we have to take advantage of it hanging up while we can. Also, all of the pieces from the show are available for view on my website Just go to the folder titled "Brand X Art Show Paintings 1/30/2009". It sure was an exciting night for me. The nice comments you all gave me has my head looking awkwardly big on my body right now. It could also be the goofy rollers I have in my hair too? I'm sure it'll start deflating soon, so don't worry :) But I've never been so inspired in life to keep on painting. I have ideas galore dancing around in my head, although at this moment all I can think about is relaxing for a little bit. I've been consumed with painting and getting ready for the show. So a little down time sounds splendid. But if you know me at all I'll be bouncing off the walls shortly and back at it! As a side note to the evening, as it came to an end we found out that my sister-in-law had gone into labor! So off to the hospital we went. Unfortunately the Dr. wasn't available to deliver the baby and the delivery was stopped, but I'm telling you, it was one heck of an eventful evening! Dezarae, thanks for trying to make it to the show. I think you're insane and I understand why you couldn't make it! hahaaa...but at least I got the kids and Travis there. I know how much work that was for you guys, thank you! I can't wait to meet my newest nephew when he finally makes his grand appearance. Anyone that couldn't make it, I know you had the best intentions and thank you for your thoughts and good luck wishes. They worked for me! Jake, thanks for being my photographer. I can't wait to see and start sharing with everyone all your spectacular photos. Maybe next time we can do a show together! P.S. Maybe I should go into writing, I sure can't get my fingers to stop once I get going. Sorry so lengthy, but I need for you to all know how much I appreciate you. I'm also wondering where my podium and Oscar statue is? "I'd like to thank my mom, my dad, my friends, family.... heheheee" Ok, going into smarty pants mode, I'll stop right here.

I love you all, what else can I say?