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Self Portrait

Well hello there, my name is Amber Kennady and the fact that you’re even reading this already has me flattered and happy. So thank you! You want to know a little about me?… well ok, just cause you asked. I was born, raised and still living in Arizona where I received my degree in fine arts. Playing in the desert all day, riding my bike, building forts and hunting for creatures with my older brother is just a bit about how I grew up. But you’re not interested in that, you want to know about my art, sorry.. I digress. My favorite media at the moment is acrylics, but I think I’m best at charcoal and graphite, and if given the choice… which it’s always my choice, I choose acrylics! I’m still surprised by how many different techniques there are, styles, textures, paints… it’s never ending. I’m constantly learning something new, seeing something that inspires me to try a style I never would’ve thought of before, I just can’t get over the vast scope or art that can be created. I guess until the mind can no longer imagine, it’s endless! And that my friends, is where my problems arise, I cannot pick a style and stick with it, I want to try everything. I’ve dabbled in pop art, nature, landscapes, realism, fantasy and magic, and I love it all! At this moment, I’m obsessed with textures and trees. But in the next moment, who knows? That’d make us psychic if we did!

When I draw, that’s a little different for me. I really have only one style and that’s photorealism. It’s my hope that someone might take a second glance and question if it's a photo or not. That has to be the best compliment a person can give, please do question me, I love explaining that it’s a drawing! That's my ultimate goal with most of my graphite and charcoal work. I enjoy drawing what I find to be aesthetically pleasing, images that are alluring to the eye and grabs you to look more. One of my largest collections of artwork is based on the eye, with close-up drawings to show the many expressions that can be achieved just from an eye. It all started with one set of eyes, and then it became an addiction. I just had to keep drawing them because there’s so many looks an eye can have. So drawings for me are taking what I find beautiful and interesting in something real and replicating it on paper for other’s to enjoy. When I paint, I try to bring life to my artwork, make flowers bloom in front of you, make eyes follow you and lips look luscious and beautiful. Warhol and Nagel are some of my earlier inspirations when I began painting. I try to keep things simple and fun and my range of artwork wide so I can try different subjects and styles. I have always loved artwork and when I discovered that I could create the stuff that I found so beautiful, I figured why not do it myself then. So I have been painting and drawing ever since, and I have loved it every single day and only wish I could do it more.

My Marilyn Monroe eye portrait titled "All Eyes On Me" has been published in a book by Roger Taylor titled "Marilyn In Art". It's a compilation of Marilyn Monroe images in every media imaginable.

My eye portrait "No Peeking" was shown in the tv series Designer's Challenge as part of the final makeover in a bathroom/vanity room sitting above the vanity counter.

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