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24 Oct, 2015

I,m retired now. It didn,t take five more years. I decided to take early retirement. Life is to short. Last year was the last of it. Getting back into my art again but not as much as i should. Working mostly on my Pen and inks. I do have a couple of oils going too. I need to get out and take pictures of the colors before their all gone. I hate the thought of winter coming, but can settle in to my art.


06 May, 2013

A beautiful day today. Worked on my 3x3 mini paintings this morning. I got told by the store i sell out of, we need them NOW! so i put on some music and away i went. It was great just to paint all morning and not think of anything else. Later it was back to reality-- mow the lawn and go get groceries. Tomorrow back to work.


25 Apr, 2013

It was a beautiful day today, so after sitting on the porch early this morning i was lead to start up my painting again. worked all morning on two i,ve got started. It felt good to forget about everything and just paint.


28 Feb, 2013

I finally started up on my painting today. Got a request for more of my little paintings--3x3 on down, so i started them plus a larger one iv,e been working up this winter. I guess it was a good day to paint. I also finished a pen and ink and started a new one. Must be spring fever:)


22 Feb, 2013

Spring is just about to break through. I,ve been stagnate on my art this winter -- maybe the winter blues, get em every year. I have worked on a couple of pen and inks, thats it. I,ve got two paintings lined up to start, got to get at them. I,ve also have some tiny ones i want to do, it will give me a challenge, thats what i need.


bella yeah 24 Feb 2013

cindy, this is a hard message to write because i do not know the truth of things,, i have had a message on my blog purporting to be from a life long friend of yours, basically informing me of your passing,, i have had a few very odd things posted to my account the last few days,, i hope this is someone's lousy idea of a joke,, please let me know you are well, if you're able,, if the person who sent me the message of which i spoke is reading this, please give me proper details of yourself


11 Dec, 2012

Haven,t done much art since i have this job. I,m working alot of hours until Christmas then the hours fall back i,m told. Maybe then i can concentrate on my art.


03 Nov, 2012

Back to work . Being off for a year really ruins a person. Going from no job to two is kind of a shock. I really hope i have time and energy for my art. Five more years and i can retire, if i live long enough i plan on exacly that.