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I'm an English Literature grad - though you would never know it from my spelling - who has had a life-long affair with the visual arts. I've been drawing off and on since I was about, oh, 14 or so. These days, with working full-time, it seems like "off" is the general position unless a project is requested by someone, or I give myself a specific task based upon something going on in a friend/family member's life.

I've long debated on selling my art, and creating an independent website in order to do so, but I've never really had the traffic, or enough serious interest, to bother with it. I suppose I still play with the idea of a art-based website from time to time and it may eventually happen... 'eventually' being the operative word there. For the time being I work on a "by request only" basis. Unfortuently, I'm also a retard about taking photo's and/or scanning items so half of what I do never actually makes it up here or into any sort of archive... especially some of my more recent items! ie. I've painted a number of Muskoka chairs which will forever exist only on a cottage's back porch! ^_^

My primary medias tend to be the more "amateur" ones: pencil, pencil crayon, watercolour, ink, and if the mood strikes me, digital. But I have been known to work in acrylic and, on the rare occasion, pastel. These days I seem to have moved back towards the material medias once again. Especially a mix of watercolour and ink.

I like to think of myself as a friendly individual. I love feedback of any sort as long as its constructive (out and out flattery works too! ^_^) so feel free to give me a shout about anything... or nothing. I appreciate it either way.

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