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22 Apr, 2012

For a list of my web activities, you can google "skearn on", and go from there.


08 Mar, 2012

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19 Dec, 2011

Gift Ideas for One Who Has Everything: the photos in this slide show correspond to the list below.

Gift Ideas For One Who Has Everything

Beachfront property! The closer to the beach the better! Here's a nice one in the sand dunes of Cape Henlopen, Delaware.

Why get a yacht or a motorboat when you can get--a transoceanic vessel! The black ship here evidently gets around. Called the Pacific Clipper, it was photographed in Maine.

An antique car! Bonus brownie points if it's still drivable.

A French workhorse! Not as fast as a thoroughbred, but twice the size.

A trip to an exotic place like Egypt for a zany event like the World Arm Wrestling Tournament.

Like a modern-day de' Medici, hire a graffiti artist to paint a couple of walls in the recipient's honor.

A rocket! For the kid in everyone--for having a blast.

A bunch of kitchen sinks--or bathroom sinks (they're interchangeable for the well-heeled)--in honor of that old cliche about having "everything but the kitchen sink."

A large ornate antique hunk of junk to put out in their yard. Like this gorgeous old light fixture on the Columbia University campus.

A full-fledged sculpture park! Buy one like Storm King here in upstate New York. Dig a few dozen holes in the ground, throw some sand around and call it a golf course.

The Gateway Arch! For enough dough the government might be willing to part with the landmark. You'd probably need to disassemble it before shipping.

The Grand Canyon. The one who has everything can spread out his/her toys there for all to see.

For the environmentally inclined: a solution to a big problem, such as the runaway greenhouse effect.

A Stairway to Heaven. A fine gift for the religiously and/or musically inclined. Doubters can just try walking all the way up it and they'll find out soon enough.

Give 'em their own crater portrait on the Moon! It could help put them on the map for the space-faring sort of crowd.

Of course, if the One Who Has All behaved particularly badly, Santa's helpers can be recruited to deliver a big Charlie Brown Rock.


27 Oct, 2009

Steve Kearney's list of top 10 artists whose works he'd take to a desert island:

10) Paul Cezanne ( because I'm "not in Paris anymore")

9) Dan Flavin (so I'll at least have some artificial lighting)

8) George Bellows (since there's no TV to watch the fight)

Ad Reinhardt (in case there are no blank canvases I can use his)

6) John Chamberlain (gives me a source of scrap metal to build something)

5) Georgia O'Keefe (to feel at-home on a desert island)

4) Frank Stella (when something goes wrong I can sarcastically cry out "oh well that's just stellar!"--in my best NY accent)

3) Eric Fischl (so when something goes right I can exult "It's a Fishl!" (i.e. "official"))

2) Paul Gauguin (if I find a genie there I could point to these and wish for an island upgrade)

1) Michelangelo (so I can have a roof over my head)